Mapsly: Interactive Map for Pipedrive

Mapsly: Interactive Map for Pipedrive

by Mapsly LLC

View/edit data on map. Optimized multi-day routing with check-in & location tracking. Territories with auto-assignment. Embed maps. Geo-automation.

Automate my pipeline and data, Manage my accounts, Other use cases

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  • View and (mass-)edit records on map, including custom fields, with real-time sync to Pipedrive
  • Pick fields for object labels, pop-ups; switch between layer groups to re-colorize your records based on different criteria
  • Create records from map with pre-filled address & coordinates
  • Search local businesses by keywords and add them as records with adjustable field mapping
  • Auto-correct errors in addresses & fill in zip and counties
  • View heatmaps and isochrones


  • Plan optimized multi-days routes & regular visits for teams based on live/historic traffic
  • Configure check-in & other processes with buttons & forms; data saved to Pipedrive
  • Track users’ location & history of movements


  • Add territories by drawing them on map or selecting postal codes, counties, census areas
  • Auto-assign records to territories & sales reps based on custom criteria
  • Add aggregate metrics based on CRM data
  • View demographics


  • Add maps with live data & desired features to websites & dashboards, or send by email; add personalized maps to customer portals
  • Add buttons & forms to let users enter data & execute actions on embedded maps


  • Execute actions by a button, schedule or automatically, without writing code
  • Create/update records, send email/SMS, call APIs
  • Search records by custom criteria including driving distance/time; execute actions with them


Installation instructions

To start your two-week trial, go to, click the Pipedrive logo and follow the instructions on the screen. When asked whether to create a new Mapsly account or link an existing one, choose Create new Mapsly account and follow the Mapsly sign-up wizard's instructions.

This Mapsly setup guide for Pipedrive provides a more detailed guide to the setup process, as well as answers to questions that you may have during the setup and links to other useful articles.

We offer 24/7 chat support and our implementation services are included with your subscription, so don't hesitate to contact us when you need help or have any questions. And be sure to schedule a live demo to discuss your use scenario and learn how to make the most out of Mapsly and Pipedrive.

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