Automate sales admin tasks. Engage prospects better. Win more deals. Calls, Video, SMS, WhatsApp and Conversation Analysis—all synced in Pipedrive.

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Ringover delivers the best and widest range of communication channels in the market for high-performing sales teams. Calling, texting, video, conversation, syncing to WhatsApp, Slack, Instagram & more, along with an industry-leading integration within Pipedrive.

Bring advanced communication into Pipedrive to experience click-to-dial, automatic logging and syncing of sales rep notes and tags. Access prospect or client information through the dynamic Ringover dialler and sync WhatsApp interactions to deals.

✨ Why use Ringover x Pipedrive?

  • Convert prospects & close deals at scale: Reach prospects 10x faster from Pipedrive in just one click. Get a personalised in-dialer display of caller data to help drive a more meaningful conversation.

  • Set sales tasks on auto-pilot: Auto-save call logs, SMS, sales rep notes and tags directly in Pipedrive. Improved two-way syncing between Pipedrive and Ringover allows your contact's information to be updated in mere seconds.

  • WhatsApp syncing: Have 1:1 conversations with clients via WhatsApp and auto-save every interaction in Pipedrive for a streamlined experience.

  • Conversation insights (Add-on): Empower your sales teams with the latest AI solutions that analyse, summarise, translate and transcribe text and audio conversations, right into Pipedrive.

  • Admin flexibility: Manage and customise all your syncs and workflows for your entire team working in Pipedrive right down to the agent level.

Installation instructions

New users:

  1. Sign up for a Ringover Business or Advanced*account here
  2. Follow the steps below to integrate your Ringover account to Pipedrive.

From Ringover app:

  1. Go to integrations in your admin dashboard here.
  2. Click on "Enable Pipedrive V2 Integration"
  3. Click on "Allow and Install"
  4. Configure the integration settings according to your team's needs
  5. Start calling your contacts and watch your call activities sync easily into the right Pipedrive deals!

From Pipedrive marketplace:

  1. Click Install Now
  2. Click Allow and Install
  3. Modify the integration settings according to your team's needs
  4. Start calling your contacts and watch your call activities sync easily into the right Pipedrive deals!

Activate click-to-dial (highly-recommended):

  1. Install the Ringover Chrome extension from Google Chrome App Store here.
  2. In the Ringover extension settings, enable click-to-call and direct call.
  3. That's it! Click on phone numbers in Pipedrive to make calls like a pro!

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