Integration with SIPSIM telephony - automate data entry, enhance call tracking, and boost efficiency for customer interactions and business success.

Communicate with leads, Manage contracts, Automate my pipeline and data, Other use cases

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Setting up the integration is done directly in your SIPSIM personal account, ensuring ease and speed without the need for additional IT specialists.

After successful integration into Piper Drive, all contacts, calls, and conversation recordings are automatically saved, providing a complete history of customer interactions. This enhances transparency and deepens understanding of customer relationship dynamics.

The automatic creation of CRM deals based on calls, along with their automatic assignment to funnels and responsible team members, simplifies sales management, increasing efficiency and optimizing the sales funnel.

Additionally, the integration offers the flexibility to configure automatic tasks for different call scenarios, such as answered, missed, or outgoing calls. This helps businesses efficiently manage customer interactions, improving accountability and timely responsiveness to customer inquiries.

Installation instructions

Setting up and Installing SIPSIM Telephony Integration with Piper Drive CRM

- Create an Account:

If you are new to SIPSIM, start by creating an account on the SIPSIM platform.

  1. Go to;
  2. Сlick on the "Book a demo" button, on the chat icon, or the "Chat to sales" button;

Our manager will guide you through the entire process from creating your personal account to connecting and setting up integration with Pipedrive.

- Access SIPSIM Dashboard:

Log in to your newly created SIPSIM account and navigate to the dashboard.

- Locate Integration Settings:

In the SIPSIM dashboard, find the "Integration" section. This is where you'll initiate the integration process.

- Select Piper Drive CRM:

Within the integration settings, choose Piper Drive CRM as the desired integration option.

- Authenticate Piper Drive Account:

Input your Piper Drive CRM credentials to authenticate and link your SIPSIM account with Piper Drive.

- Configure Integration Preferences:

Customize integration settings based on your preferences. This may involve parameters like deal creation, assigning responsibility for deals and contacts, setting up tasks for calls, and automating call processing through funnel assignment.

- Save Settings:

Ensure to save your integration settings to activate the connection between SIPSIM and Piper Drive.

- Any questions?

You can read details step by step instruction in our documentations Or contact us [email protected]

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