TNZ SMS - Send SMS to NZ & AU
interactive features

TNZ SMS - Send SMS to NZ & AU

by TNZ Group Limited

interactive features
interactive features

Connect Pipedrive to TNZ's messaging apps – send SMS to New Zealand, Australia and international mobiles with Pipedrive.

Nurture my leads, Communicate with leads, Automate my pipeline and data, Manage my accounts

App screenshot
App screenshot
App screenshot
App screenshot


Are you emailing your Pipedrive contacts and getting lost in the noise? SMS your contacts instead - get your message in the palm of their hand.

Why use TNZ? We're New Zealand-based, and we understand the NZ and AU markets. With our SMS plugin for Pipedrive, you can communicate directly with NZ/AU/International mobile phones within Pipedrive.


  • Send and receive SMS directly within Pipedrive to your contacts, without needing any external tools.
  • Send texts from pre-saved SMS Templates and speed up your work
  • Mobiles can reply directly to your texts for a two-way conversation
  • Shorten long links into short URLs automatically
  • Send files inside text messages (automatically converted into a tracked short link)
  • Sync contacts to the TNZ Dashboard and send broadcasts, automated reminders and other message types (voice and email).

Pricing (NZD ex GST, billed monthly):

  • $0 /setup
  • $20 /month
  • 10c /SMS Part to New Zealand and Australian Mobiles
  • 20c /SMS Part to Other Regions

Everything you need for an all-round outreach tool.

Give it a try with a free trial! (30 SMS Credits for 14 Days)


Pop-up windows

Pop-up windows

Tackle complex tasks in TNZ SMS - Send SMS to NZ & AU without leaving Pipedrive via their customized pop-up windows.

Installation instructions


  1. If you don't have a TNZ account, you will need to create one: Register
  2. If you don't have a TNZ Dashboard login, you will need to set one up: Add A User

Once you have logged in to the TNZ Dashboard:

  1. Visit [Service Settings] -> [Integrations]
  2. Select [Pipedrive] from the list
  3. Click [Connect Pipedrive]
  4. You will be forwarded to Pipedrive's app connect screen to complete the setup

You're all set!

  1. Navigate to a contact, deal, project, etc. in Pipedrive
  2. Click the "..." button in the top-right
  3. Click "TNZ SMS"

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