Trello CRM integration

Let Pipedrive power your Trello cards
If you need to manage projects after a deal has been won, or even need some project management during a specific stage in your pipeline, our integration makes the movement of information between Pipedrive and Trello magically effortless.

Pipedrive-Trello integration allows you to:

Attach deals, persons and organizations to Trello cards

When viewing a Trello card, click on the Pipedrive Power-Up, start typing the contact’s name and click on the appropriate search result. The full contact item is attached to the Trello card. You can add people inside your organization and clients this way.

Auto-create new Trello cards

Set a rule in Trello that automatically creates a card, triggered by an event of your choice in Pipedrive. Set it up so that the moment a deal is marked as won, a Trello card with contact details, deal history, and organization information appears in a Trello board of your choice.

Easily share deals, persons and organizations

All members of a Trello board can see Pipedrive data on that board. Whether you attach Pipedrive deals or contacts to a card manually, or Trello cards are auto-created from Pipedrive data, everyone who is a member of that board can see the data, even if they do not have a Pipedrive account.

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