Trello CRM integration

Let Pipedrive power your Trello cards

Need project management after a won deal or during a complex stage in your pipeline? Moving information between Pipedrive and Trello is effortless with our integration.

The Pipedrive-Trello integration allows you to:

Attach information from Pipedrive to relevant cards in Trello

Add rules to auto-create new cards based on Pipedrive events

Share deals, persons and organizations to a Trello board

Attach deals, persons and organizations to Trello cards

When viewing a Trello card, click on the Pipedrive Power-Up, start typing the contact’s name and click on the appropriate search result. The full contact is attached to the Trello card. You can add people inside your organization and clients this way.

Auto-create new Trello cards

Set a rule in Trello that automatically creates a card, triggered by an event of your choice in Pipedrive. Set it up so that the moment a deal is marked as won, a Trello card with contact details, deal history and organization information appears in a Trello board of your choice.

Easily share deals, persons and organizations

All members of a Trello board can see Pipedrive data on that board. Whether you attach Pipedrive deals or contacts to a card manually, or Trello cards are auto-created from Pipedrive data, everyone who is a member of that board can see the data, even if they do not have a Pipedrive account.

Create dashboards for your Trello boards

Use Trello as your CRM’s (customer relationship management) project management integration and unlock insights in Pipedrive. Track sales activities and deal flows in Trello while monitoring performance in Pipedrive’s customizable dashboards.

View the team’s latest wins

Zoom in on your won deals with daily or weekly sales reports

Identify top performers

See a snapshot of who is closing the most deals and who needs more support

Improve your conversion rate

Track the health of your sales funnel and build better sales habits

Map your sales pipeline

Manage complex sales processes and projects with a visual sales pipeline. With the Trello CRM and Pipedrive integration, data flows seamlessly between your tools.

Create auto-populated Trello cards triggered by Pipedrive events. Get contact information delivered straight to the board of your choice, initiate an intricate proposal process and more.

Nurture leads with Automations

Use Pipedrive’s Automations to transform Trello into a powerful sales CRM integration. Set automation templates to trigger activities in Trello according to Pipedrive events – like when a new lead is added or when a deal is won.


Add detailed checklists to cards to set expectations and keep track of complex tasks


Get real-time notifications when team members leave comments in Trello cards


Save time by automatically attaching files, like docs and images, to specific cards

Due dates

Keep reps motivated by setting deadlines for tasks, subtasks and milestones

Card repeater

Reduce manual admin by creating recurring tasks, like weekly to-dos, on your Trello board

Card snooze

Declutter your sales pipeline by setting non-urgent cards to reappear at a later time

Supercharge your automations with Zapier

Use Zapier to do even more with the Pipedrive and Trello CRM for sales. Initiate email marketing automations, add custom fields to cards and automatically update sales stages inside Pipedrive. Automate the entire process from beginning to end with Zapier.

Collaborate with your entire team

Assign tasks and cards in Trello and Pipedrive, so your sales team is in sync on both platforms.

Invite team members to new boards, assign them tasks and keep communication under one roof using mentions. Eliminate inbox-clogging email chains and attach important documents and updates to Trello cards instead.

Automate email outreach with our Gmail integration

Pipedrive’s Gmail integration sends automated, personalized emails based on actions in Trello. When an activity is completed, like a card moves to a new list, the integration can automatically reach out with a meeting invitation, customer support follow-up email and more.

Trello CRM integration FAQs

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