Turbocharger 365 Day Tracking & Alerts

Turbocharger 365 Day Tracking & Alerts

by Systematic, LLC

Boost your sales team's productivity, accelerate sales and close more deals every month using Turbocharger 365 Day Tracking & Alerts for Pipedrive.

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Question: does your sales team rely on email open and click tracking?

If so, it might be costing you thousands of dollars in lost sales every year.

Email open and click-tracking have major limitations that can cause your team to miss sales opportunities. Don't let outdated technology hurt your bottom line. Invest in better tools and get better results.

Watch our one-minute video for more information.

Give your sales team an advantage with 365 Day Tracking & Alerts.

  • Track your Pipedrive contacts for up to 365 days after any sales or marketing communication

  • Get real-time alerts in Pipedrive whenever a contact returns to your website, even days or months after their last visit

  • See a complete timeline of everything each contact has looked at on your website

  • Pinpoint contacts the moment they become interested, no matter how long your sales cycle is

  • Increase productivity by focusing on your most-engaged contacts

** Bonus: Make your existing email marketing tools more powerful.**

Are you sending marketing or drip emails? Turbocharger can use your marketing emails to start and extend tracking of your Pipedrive contacts.

Connecting your sales and marketing efforts will prevent opportunities from slipping through the cracks and boost your bottom line.

Start your free 30-day trial today.

  • 100% free trial. No commitment. No payment required.
  • See the results for yourself

Installation instructions

Installation is simple

  • Click the green "Install now" button at the top of this page and allow Turbocharger Tracking & Alerts to access your Pipedrive data (see notes below)
  • Your Pipedrive contacts and users will be automatically imported. No manual data entry is required.
  • Follow the simple instructions to enable website tracking and start your free 30-day trial

** Share the training video with your sales team **

  • A link to our 2-minute training video will be emailed to you upon installation so you can watch it and share it with your sales team.

  • Note that Pipedrive's administrator must be the first person to install this application. All other users can use it afterward.

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