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Pipedrive Marketplace Apps Spotlight: Phone Solutions

Phone Solutions May 2019
Nectar Desk
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Our Apps Spotlight introduces the most exciting and helpful new apps you can integrate with Pipedrive to customize and automate your sales process.

This month, we’re running through some of the top business phone solutions available on the Marketplace to get your sales calls tight and make the most of the data.

Find step-by-step installation guides for all of the featured apps on the Pipedrive Marketplace.

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Is your company a Germany-based business and would you like to manage both inbound and outbound calls more efficiently? Why not try CallOne?

CallOne provides specifically customized call center and VoIP solutions to sales and customer service teams in the German market.

The tool’s integration with Pipedrive makes it possible to initiate calls directly from the CMS (with a click-to-call function) and automatically feeds the call data from incoming calls into the Pipedrive activity log. The data from all calls is compared with your Pipedrive contacts to check for existing entries.

Furthermore, the computer telephony integration enables you to choose whether you would like to use hardware phones, softphones or browser phones (WebRTC).

All CallOne products are hosted in Germany and offer the highest data security (VPN tunnels, SRTP, TLS encryption) as well as premium voice quality.

Find out more about connecting your CallOne phone system with Pipedrive in the Marketplace.



CallRoot Pipedrive

CallRoot is an incoming call tracking software for marketers and agencies. CallRoot helps you work out which campaign (online/offline) or keyword is generating the most sales calls. With CallRoot, you can track & record incoming phone calls, dynamically insert tracking phone numbers and find the source of every incoming phone call.

CallRoot integrates with Pipedrive to automatically log call information, call source (campaign or keyword that is responsible for this call) and call recording under your contacts and deals as an activity. It converts first-time callers into a new contact and deal in your Pipedrive account and logs call activity under that newly created deal.

Along with a dynamic number insertion script, CallRoot also provides an option to create workflows around incoming calls to further automate your marketing and lead generation processes.

CallRoot is agency-ready and provides different account access levels like Manager, User and Client (read-only) so agencies can add CallRoot to their tech stack for use in their client campaigns. CallRoot is also coming up with a number of new features like Dynamic Number Insertion API, SMS Inbox and Lead enrichment.

Go ahead and start measuring & optimizing the performance of your phone call generating marketing campaigns by integrating CallRoot with your Pipedrive account.



CircleLoop is a UK-built next-gen phone system for the modern day business. The tool includes instant number provisioning and desk phones that set themselves up—no complicated installation or configuration required.

Unlike traditional phone systems, CircleLoop lets you add and remove users and numbers as and when required. CircleLoop can take care of the porting process for you if you wish to move your existing number over.

Link CircleLoop and Pipedrive so you won’t have to leave your Pipedrive account to speak to clients and sync your contacts. CircleLoop offers an instant click-to-call on outbound calls and, once the contact is in the CRM, you’ll also see full contact details and tags on any inbound call. Everything is logged automatically in Pipedrive including call recordings and transcriptions.

Discover how CircleLoop can improve your Pipedrive experience.



CloudTalk is a smart phone system tailored for sales and support teams.

Here’s what you need to know most about the CloudTalk app:

  • You can view the caller’s information before even picking up the phone
  • Automatically log all calls to Pipedrive so you have all your conversations in one place
  • Track missed calls and voicemails directly in Pipedrive
  • With the click-to-dial feature, sales reps and agents can make calls directly from Pipedrive
  • Data is synchronized in real time

Wondering how CloudTalk differentiates from other solutions?

  • CloudTalk provides unparalleled voice quality and low latency as it doesn’t rely on third-party voice API services.
  • Open API is available even during free-trial
  • An easy three-click setup with Pipedrive and customization that can significantly increase efficiency and performance.

Head to Pipedrive Marketplace to check out CloudTalk for yourself.



First licensed in 2000, Spanish telecommunications operator Duocom is a pioneer in the virtual office, with their virtual PBX and VoIP (the first in the country) dating all the way back to 2007. Duocom’s coverage reaches the entirety of Spain and, of all Spanish carries, is the only one that has an accredited integration with Pipedrive.

When a lead or existing customer calls or is called by a sales rep, the interaction is recorded so that you get a whole picture of the process. On top of that, incoming calls are directed to the ‘owner’ of the account, while the number of calls can be tracked with Google Analytics.

With Duocom’s “centralita virtual” users aren’t restricted to one location: they can have telephone numbers and personnel in different cities, working from home or abroad—All included in one easy to use, dashboard-based product.

Duocom provides its customers with free customer service during business hours and is working on new features that will empower your employees and allow for more flexibility.

Check it out yourself on the Pipedrive Marketplace as, if you’re in España, Duocom might be the perfect solution for you.

Nectar Desk

Nectar Desk

Nectar Desk Interface

Nectar Desk is a communication tool for Sales Teams with features including VoIP, two-way SMS functionality, an auto dialer, voice broadcasting and the ability to send bulk SMS.

Nectar Desk’s integration with Pipedrive allows you to:

  • Make calls and send SMS messages from Pipedrive
  • Log calls and SMS details in Pipedrive automatically
  • Select outcomes of the call and log it as a Custom Activity Type in Pipedrive
  • Send bulk SMS messages to all contacts at particular Deal Stage
  • Trigger an SMS message to be sent when a contact reaches a Deal Stage

Nectar Desk also allows for detailed agent activity tracking, call scoring and call recordings so managers can track their reps’ progress.

Find Nectar Desk in the Marketplace and try out a 14-day fully featured free trial.



NUACOM is a cloud phone system that offers over 50 features and integrations. The phone system integrates seamlessly with Pipedrive so you can streamline your workflow in one place.

The phone system platform is designed with end users in mind. Features such as Call Recording, Click-to-Call, Call Logs, IVR, Auto-Attendant and more help businesses take control of their customer service.

NUACOM also has a Wallboard feature so users can monitor calls. The Wallboard will show current agents on calls, total calls, missed calls and much more in real-time—an invaluable tool for managers and business owners alike.

The tool also has enhanced phone features, such as:

  • Greeting Messages. Have all your calls answered automatically
  • An IVR Design Tool. Design your own call flow with greetings, menus and actions
  • Opening Hours. Set up single or multiple working hours for your business
  • Flip calls from your Deskphone to your Mobile, manually or automatically

Take advantage of the NUACOM phone system with our 30% off Pipedrive offer by mentioning ‘PIPEDRIVE30’ when speaking with a member of NUACOM during signup.



With RingOver, it’s easy for sales and support teams to automate their call activities in Pipedrive.

Users can make unlimited calls to 60+ landline and mobile destinations and manage their entire phone system from a single dashboard. RingOver is available via mobile and web apps and is very simple to set up, configure and scale with your business.

RingOver connects to Pipedrive in a minute and offers advanced call center features such as:

  • Virtual landline, national and mobile numbers in 65+ countries
  • Automatic logging of calls, voicemails, recordings and SMS
  • Contact syncing
  • Business hours setting
  • Call waiting, call routing and call forwarding
  • Personalized welcome greeting
  • IVR
  • collaborative SMS
  • Call recording, call whisper, double-listening and conference call
  • Call reports and analytics

Logs from RingOver appear as standard notes in the corresponding Pipedrive Contact and Deal. Users can see call details such as call time, duration, caller name, phone number and a call recording link, making it easier to plan follow-up activities with each contact.

Ready to start calling? Visit RingOver in the Pipedrive Marketplace to start your free 15-day trial.

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