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10 business phone solutions

Business Phone Solution
Kixie PowerCall and SMS
Twilio for Pipedrive
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Gone are the days when you had to spend money on expensive equipment and special hardware to have a top-notch phone solution for your business.

Thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems, all you need nowadays is a reliable internet connection and a desktop, cell phone or mobile app to have a full-featured small business telephone solution.

Here we explore the 10 best business phone solutions that offer seamless Pipedrive CRM phone integration to take your business communications and call tracking to the next level.


JustCall is a business phone system designed for contemporary sales force and support teams that operates as a cloud phone. If you ever wondered, “Who called me from this phone number?” This virtual business phone solution eliminates uninformed conversations by providing contextual information for each call. The system includes call software, virtual business phone numbers, SMS campaigns, integration with CRM platforms and other valuable features.

The JustCall app is equipped with several advanced features:

  • Integration with over 100 different CRM and business tools

  • The ability to make calls directly from a CRM platform like Pipedrive

  • International calling capabilities in over seventy countries

  • Automated SMS workflow

  • A selection of three different sales dialers to choose from

  • Call queuing and call forwarding options

  • Detailed analytics and conversation intelligence

With the JustCall and Pipedrive phone integration, you can initiate and accept Pipedrive calls directly from your CRM system. Additionally, all the details of your calls – including text messages, call recordings and voicemails – will be logged automatically and linked with the respective contacts and deals.

Pipedrive has an advanced integration with JustCall, meaning you can make calls to contacts directly from Pipedrive if you have the JustCall app and integration set up.


The CloudTalk call solution enables you to make business phone calls and manage call centers in the cloud. Thanks to CloudTalk’s integration with Pipedrive, users can enjoy numerous benefits, such as making local calls in more than 160 markets and enhancing sales call management efficiency, resulting in time savings.

CloudTalk’s business phone solution offers the following key benefits:

  • You can instantly view the caller’s details and previous interactions when receiving a phone call. This allows you to better understand the client’s requirements and personalize the call to meet their specific needs, resulting in an exceptional customer service experience.

  • To enhance efficiency, you can utilize integrations compatible with Pipedrive to tailor your user experience. Additionally, you can use the advanced setup feature to personalize how you track phone calls.

  • All repetitive tasks can be eliminated with advanced automation options and two-way synchronization. The synchronization feature ensures that contact details and previous interactions, such as call recordings and SMS, are synced across both systems. No crucial information will be left out.

  • Make and take calls directly from your CRM with the click-to-call feature.

With the CloudTalk and Pipedrive integration, you can enhance customer experience by utilizing CloudTalk communications solutions VoIP services. This integration allows you to use CTI to make calls directly from Pipedrive and ensures that your databases are always current, making daily tasks more efficient.

Thanks to Pipedrive’s advanced integration with CloudTalk, you can make calls directly from Pipedrive, as long as you have CloudTalk app and integration set up.


Aircall is a cloud-based software telephone solution for small businesses that enables companies to create a complete call center in no time. It can even be a suitable working-from-home phone solution. The platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows and streamline how your organization handles phone calls across different teams and regions.

Aircall’s small business phone solution offers the following key benefits:

  • International calling from over fifty countries, including Canada

  • Real-time call quality monitoring

  • Click-to-call options to connect with customers quickly

  • IVR

  • Easy call routing solutions for your team members

  • Call recording

  • Call queues

  • Warm call transfer

  • Mobile device Aircall apps

  • Personalized greetings

By utilizing the Pipedrive Aircall Integration, you can quickly incorporate call center capabilities into your Pipedrive system. This integration will automatically track and record your calls, providing you with the necessary data before answering the call

Kixie PowerCall and SMS

Kixie is a sales engagement platform designed to enhance sales teams’ performance through dependable and effortless unlimited calling and texting services for Pipedrive. With Kixie login, your sales team can set up a comprehensive voice and SMS solution that includes an AI-powered Kixie dialer, enterprise phone service, Kixie Chrome extension and seamless Pipedrive CRM integration. The setup process is quick and easy, requiring only three minutes and no hardware installation.

The Kixie PowerCall and SMS business phone solution offers the following key benefits:

  • Connect with more prospects with Intelligent auto-dialing and automated text messaging

  • Make and receive phone calls and SMS dialer messages to more than 90 countries

  • Make calls from your Microsoft computer, desk phone, smartphone, mobile phone or android

  • One-click seamless integration and dialing right from your CRM

  • AI-powered local-presence call dialer and automated voicemail drop

  • Manage your team with automatic call logging, lifetime call recordings, real-time call coaching, intuitive sales metrics and leaderboards

  • View your caller’s profile on incoming and outgoing calls with the Kixie PowerCall screen pop

With Kixie, sales teams can set up a comprehensive voice and SMS solution with an AI-powered sales dialer, enterprise phone service and seamless Kixie Pipedrive CRM integration.

Twilio for Pipedrive

The Twilio CRM integration extension for Pipedrive enables you to communicate with your customers through WhatsApp and SMS without leaving the Pipedrive platform. With the extension, you can connect with your entire database, a specific group or individual contacts. This solution enables you to provide a smooth customer experience by sharing engaging content and responding to messages directly from Pipedrive.

The Twilio for Pipedrive business phone solution offers the following key benefits:

  • Use WhatsApp or SMS to start a new conversation with your CRM Twilio Pipedrive contacts, organizations and deals

  • Send Twilio messages to multiple contacts at once and save time

  • Allow multiple users to receive desktop notifications for your incoming Twilio messages

  • As the admin of the CRM, determine which of the users can access your Twilio credentials

The Twilio Integration with Pipedrive allows users can send customized messages through Twilio, view incoming messages through the Inbox for Conversations feature and receive desktop app notifications for new messages.

Pipedrive’s integration makes dispatching Twilio messages more accessible. Additionally, you can respond to your clients’ messages directly from Pipedrive.


Since 2005, Ringover Group has been operating as a SaaS software publisher and telecom provider. They specialize in small business phone systems and developed Ringover in early 2018. Ringover phone system provider is a complete cloud phone solution that offers voice, video conferencing, conference calling, chat, text and live call center services.

Ringover business telephone solution offers the following key benefits:

  • Real-time statistics

  • Manage professional communications with a few clicks

  • End-to-end technological control

  • A user-friendly interface

  • Access professional communications system worldwide from a computer or smartphone

  • Integrations with business tools like Pipedrive

When you use Ringover and Pipedrive CRM integration with phone system features, you can access a comprehensive cloud-based office phone system for voice and video meetings, chat, text and call center services. This solution is designed to enhance team productivity and can be easily customized by managers to meet their specific needs.


The Nvoip platform is a cloud-based, virtual telephone system allowing seamless integration with your CRM software. This integration enables users to place calls directly from their cloud CRM interface, record the call and add it to the relevant activity associated with the deal.

Nvoip’s business phone solution offers the following key benefits:

  • Call recording

  • IVR/Voice recognition

  • SIP trunking

  • Unified communications

Integrating Nvoip and Pipedrive allows users to initiate calls directly from Pipedrive while recording the activities in their respective deals. No information is left out in this integration.


The internet-based Toky phone system offers comprehensive features that enable smooth communication between your team and customers.

Toky’s CRM phone system offers the following key benefits:

  • Toll-free numbers and virtual phone numbers from around the world

  • Get in touch with your contacts with a single click.

  • Automatically log details of every call you make, so your team can focus on sales and customer support processes.

  • Call recording

  • Voicemail transcription

  • SMS

  • Speech to text

  • Easy to install Toky integrations.


Integrating Toky and Pipedrive allows you to conveniently handle your business calls from your website or Pipedrive, providing you with a unified platform for all your communication needs.


PhoneMondo is a cloud-based phone system that combines CTI and caller identification to enhance the efficiency of telephone operations within an organization.

The phonemondo.com virtual phone solution offers the following key benefits:

  • To gather more information about incoming calls, you can search various sources such as online phone directories and CRM systems, allowing additional details about the call to be displayed on your desktop, web browser or mobile device

  • Calls can be rejected and forwarded with a single click

  • Having notes, tasks, opportunities and other helpful information can save you time that would otherwise be spent searching for data or asking the caller to spell out their name and address

  • All calls are stored in a call history in the cloud

  • Various reports help you understand the telephony usage in your company and detect any problems

By integrating PhoneMondo and Pipedrive, users can link their phone system to Pipedrive and access contact and organization information in the callerID notification window when calls come in.

PhoneMondo offers the convenience of creating contacts and organizations with just one click from the notification window, eliminating the need to enter data into Pipedrive again. All phone calls are recorded and logged with the corresponding contacts in Pipedrive. Additionally, users can start phone calls with a keyboard shortcut or by selecting any business phone number in Pipedrive.


The Ring.io Pipedrive dialer enhances the efficiency of sales calls two-fold. Sales representatives can directly make calls from the CRM, while Ring.io simplifies the process of recording calls, taking notes and categorizing dispositions. No essential information is left out, ensuring smooth and effective communication.

Ring.io business phone service offers the following key benefits:

  • Ring.io’s “Power Dialer” is an automated system that enables sales representatives to make numerous calls daily and ensures compliance with legal regulations – it’s designed to eliminate any chances of missing out on important information

  • Elevate your sales process with automation that keeps leads engaged and reps focused on the most promising opportunities

  • A “Live Monitor” that shows all ongoing conversations, one-click “Eavesdrop” capability, as well as “Leaderboards” and call goals

  • Advanced caller ID management with “RingLocal” ensures that your connect rates remain high and you never miss a callback

  • Keep reporting and analytics at your fingertips so that you can answer questions about call volumes, lengths, outcomes, dispositions, and more

Using the Ring.io and Pipedrive integration, your sales team can make calls and send texts directly from Pipedrive. This Pipedrive integration includes power dialer API, automatic call recording and voicemail drops. The setup process is straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Final thoughts

Business phone solutions that utilize business VoIP technology equip workers to streamline communication and teamwork requirements and enable small enterprises to use functionalities and resources previously only accessible to bigger firms. Small business owners can fulfill their business needs and gain significant benefits by installing these systems at an affordable cost and seamlessly integrating them with business essentials such as Pipedrive CRM.

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