4 Sample Cold Calling Scripts for Any Situation

For those who missed out on our cold calling crash course, a cold calling script is a training vehicle to help new salespeople better structure their conversation and get appointments. The more cold calls you make, the less you’ll have to rely on a script, and the more you’ll be able to improvise around it. To get an idea of what a strong cold-calling script look like, here are a few different approaches from successful salespeople:

Cold Calling Script, provided by Jessica Magoch, CEO of JPM Partners

Hi, this is Jess from the Virtual Sales Academy. How are you?

We're working on some solutions to help you recruit and train a new generation of salespeople. Is that something you'd like to hear more about?

(if yes)

There are two ways companies work with us. We can either help them find salespeople for a percentage of the base salary, or help them train new salespeople with our online, on-demand, virtual sales training programs that teach them how to take prospects from curious to client. Which one would you want to hear most about? . . .

(they choose one or the other)

Awesome. Can I ask you a few questions first?

(I ask them qualifying questions so I know what to present)

I'll tell you a bit more, and then if it makes sense, we'll set up an appointment before we get off our call today to go over it in more detail.  Sound good?

From there I tell them more about the program, just enough for them to agree to set up an appointment, and then go into my appointment setting script.

Cold Calling Script for Sales Development Reps, provided by Eric Quanstrom, CMO of KiteDesk

Hi, __________.

My name is __________ from KiteDesk, and the reason I’m calling is that I noticed you were hiring new SDRs from [name of job site]. You're most likely hiring to solve the problem of needing more meetings, and I wanted to let you know we offer a prospecting platform designed to get your current team more qualified meetings.

It would be worth a 10-minute chat to see if we’re a fit before you take your next interview. We can even show you how you can see email and contact info displayed, instantly.

Cold Calling Script, provided by Brandon Redlinger, Head of Growth at PersistIQ

  1. Get their attention by using their name. Start off my saying "Hi, ____," in a warm and welcoming tone, then proceed directly to Step 2. Notice I didn't say, "Hi, ____, how are you today?" because it gives your prospect a chance to jump in and disrupt your flow. Cold calls are all about taking control in the beginning.
  2. Identify yourself. "My name is Brandon with PersistIQ." This is pretty straightforward — you need to tell them who you are.
  3. Tell them why you're calling. "The reason I'm calling is to get some time on your calendar." Diving right in demonstrates that you're a professional. Save the small talk for your follow-up calls after you've already built the relationship.
  4. Build a bridge. This statement connects the reason you're calling with why they should care. "I just noticed on your site that you're hiring 10 new sales reps this quarter. Several companies in the [your prospect's industry] are already using PersistIQ to help their current sales development team get more conversations started and meetings booked. They are also able to cut new rep ramp time in half."
  5. Ask for what you want and shut up. "I thought the best place to start is to schedule a meeting to learn about your outbound sales challenges and goals. Do you have time Wednesday or Thursday afternoon around 10 a.m.?" Ultimately, our goal is to set meetings with prospects because we're calling on a more targeted list. However, if you're calling on a less qualified list, then your ask may be for a piece of information that qualifies the lead.

Cold Calling Script for Voicemail, provided by Bob Bentz, President of ATS Mobile and Purplegator

Hello, __________. This is Bob Bentz with ATS Mobile.

The reason for my call is I have an idea on how to possibly help you improve the troublesome process of recruiting employees, especially nurses.  I wanted to see if it would make sense for us to have a quick conversation to find out more about it.

I can be reached at ___________.

Again, my name is Bob Bentz with ATS Mobile at ___________.

Thanks, ___________.

Alternatively if you would prefer not to cold call a prospect, why not try sending a cold email instead?

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4 Sample Cold Calling Scripts for Any Situation | Pipedrive
4 Sample Cold Calling Scripts for Any Situation