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Pipedrive Marketplace Apps Spotlight: Lead Generation

Our Apps Spotlight introduces the most exciting and helpful apps and integrations you can use to customize your Pipedrive sales process.

The apps and integrations in the Pipedrive Marketplace are set up like a virtual tech supermarket. Each app is neatly arranged into a relevant category shelf, so all you need to do is find the aisle you want and add your favourite app to your cart.

Lead generation apps and integrations are definitely some of the most popular amongst our customers. We’ve pulled together a list of the most helpful prospecting and qualification tools you can use to automate time-consuming elements of your sales process and sync data directly into your Pipedrive hub.

Remember, you can find step-by-step installation guides for all of the featured apps on the Pipedrive Marketplace.

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Jobjet allows you to organise the information of all your contacts and sales prospects in one place. Using Jobjet’s unique Data Mesh Network, you can find, aggregate and verify the publicly available information of people on your list of contacts.

You can integrate your prospects’ details from LinkedIn, AngelList and Github seamlessly with the app, and then Jobjet will provide you with actionable data on all your leads – you can group prospects by categories, or deep-dive into them individually.

Jobjet users can also send personalised emails to individuals or groups of contacts in the same category from the app interface.

Keep an eye out for Jobjet’s upcoming improvements to data coverage and deliverability metrics, as well as the development of a more secure email and phone verification process.

Discover how you could help your business by integrating Jobjet with Pipedrive on the Marketplace.

Lead Assign

Lead Assign uses its purpose-built AI to distribute each of your web leads to the best salesperson for the job, based on the relevant keywords and tags that you decide.

You can create custom lead routing rules – based on categories such as product, price, location, priority and agent performance – so that leads go straight to the right team member automatically.

Sales team members don’t need to be able to access the platform, instead receiving lead information by email or SMS.

The app also allows managers to analyze each agent’s performance in areas such as total lead volume, deal rotting rates and lead conversion rate. Managers can also request qualitative data from agents by asking questions through the feedback tool, such as “What is the value of the lead?”

Interested? Have a closer look at Lead Assign on the Pipedrive Marketplace.


PAPAIA, or the Powerful Analytical & Predictive Artificial Intelligence App, integrates with Pipedrive to help you predict a lead’s likelihood to convert and focus on the best opportunities for your business.

The app analyzes patterns in your prospects’ profiles over time to provide you with the predicted odds of winning specific leads, which gets pulled right into your Pipedrive dashboard.

The PAPAIA Engine is continuously learning and improving over time. It can also help identify the best agent for each lead depending on behaviors and trends discovered by the AI.

As well as identifying the most promising leads, PAPAIA’s AI can also track which tactics get the best results, and recommends which approach to use.

For more on PAPAIA visit the Marketplace.


Unlike other lead generation tools, Salespanel identifies the employers of those people who visit your site and engage with your marketing anonymously, automatically capturing leads when they engage with webforms, sales emails and newsletters.

The actions of these visitors to your channels are tracked, so you know where they’re going and what they’re looking for.

Potential leads are then aggregated into a single panel view, where you can see what they visited last, where they came to the site from, how long ago they visited and, crucially, gauge how ready they are to convert to a customer. When they’re ready, you’ll automatically get a notification so you can follow-up while the lead is warm.

Go to the Pipedrive Marketplace for more information on Salespanel.


Sellscope is a tool that helps you build lead databases and identify the key decision makers.

As many existing lead databases are old and incomplete, you often need to do a lot of research yourself to get high-quality data, which can be very time-consuming.

Sellscope offers a solution: a team of specialized, human researchers who build, define and segment lead databases for you.

Sellscope’s researchers usually take 6-12 hours to build up the database after being given a list of leads, but after enriching the first 50 leads in your list, they will liaise with you to make sure that they are finding the right information.

As well as enriching the data of the leads in your list, Sellscope can also identify other companies that could fit the bill.

Sellscope is one of the apps on the Pipedrive Marketplace, which you can visit for more information.


SigParser monitors your email, searching for new contacts and lead data in email signatures. The app also digs out contact information from email chains, as a single email chain that you have been added to by a lead could contain a number of new contacts at the lead’s company.

Lead data can be incomplete or out of date, with missing phone numbers, locations or old titles. SigParser extracts the latest details so you have the most current, complete data.

Users can also go back in time to extract historical lead data from their sales team’s email interactions.

Have a look at lead generation app SigParser on the Pipedrive Marketplace.


SalesWings allows you to qualify and prioritize your CRM and inbound leads better, based on your lead's behavior and profile.

SalesWings tracks your lead's activity on digital channels and brings it straight into Pipedrive:

  • Website activity (page views, videos, forms, referral source, downloads, etc.)
  • Email marketing engagement (any tool)
  • Any 3rd party app activity from document tracking, meeting scheduling tools etc.

Marketing and sales managers can then leverage this data using a set of intelligent tools to:

  • Prioritise leads using rule-based lead scoring
  • Segment leads based on behavior
  • Trigger custom alerts to sales reps when a lead needs attention

SalesWings helps you to focus on high-potential leads, increase active-selling-time and increase the number of deals per rep thanks to a more personal buyer engagements.

You can discover the lead scoring and lead interest tracking solution here!


With Triggerbee’, you can track visitors on your website in real-time, see where they came from and accrue data to find out if they could potentially become a lead.

Doing a lot of cold email prospecting? Use Triggerbee to see if your new contacts have already engaged with your site or clicked on a link in your email. You can track your Mailchimp subscribers when they visit your website to see what happens after they click in your email, helping you to gauge the effectiveness of your site’s content.

Triggerbee combines three key features:

  1. Website analytics to capture the behavior and interest ofvisitors and prospects
  2. Forms (Widgets) that collect and collate visitor data to display relevant offers and content to specific prospects
  3. Integrations with other tools like Pipedrive and Mailchimp

Find out more about Triggerbee’s Pipedrive integration on the Marketplace, as well as the 30-day free trial period.

*Time saving tip: When someone submits a form on your website, Triggerbee can automatically send the contact to your Pipedrive account, create a new deal, and even move the deal between different steps of your pipeline.

For more great guidance on how to generate leads and the tools to use, read our series on lead generation.

Shop the Pipedrive Marketplace for More Time-saving Tech

We have well over 100 other integrations to help you bolster your sales process. Remember, you can customize Pipedrive to suit your specific sales process with all of these integrations right now. The apps are neatly categorized to help you easily find the type of tool you’re looking for. You’ll find simple instructional guides and step-by-step installation advice to help you speed up your Pipedrive sales process in a matter of minutes! Make your way to the Pipedrive Marketplace to try them out today.

This article was published on February 12, 2019. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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