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Grow your business with Pipedrive’s updated plans

Pipedrive's Updated Plans

Since this article was published, we have launched a brand new pricing plan called Power. You can learn more about our current pricing options on the Pricing page.

Pipedrive’s updated plans can support your company’s growth every step of the way.

Our four carefully curated plans give you the tools you need, whether your company’s just started or has gone international.

We’ve added new features to every plan and given you greater clarity on which is the best plan for your company.

Thanks to the feedback from our customers, we’ve been able to build plans that give you the features you need for the size and complexity of your business.

And with our competitive pricing, you can upgrade to access the tools you need when you need them.

Which is the right plan for me?

You’ll get custom sales pipelines, data storage, 24/7 support and 100+ integration options as standard on all plans, but you can choose between one of four Pipedrive tiers:

  • Essential

  • Advanced

  • Professional

  • Enterprise

In our Essential plan, you’ll be able to manage your leads, deals and contacts in one place, meaning you don’t have to worry about cumbersome spreadsheets and documents offline—perfect to get your growing business organized.

If you’re looking to scale your growth and maximize efficiency, our Advanced plan lets you build workflow automations and send marketing emails in bulk.

Our Professional plan can give you detailed insights into team and company performance, providing you with visibility of where you can optimize your team and operations—ideal if you work with larger teams.

If you need a custom solution, our Enterprise plan lets you use what you need from all our features. From multiple teams to robust security, you’ll have an array of tools available, coupled with guided onboarding and dedicated phone support.

You can find a full list of features per plan and optional add-ons on our pricing page.

What else can I expect from Pipedrive?

As your business grows and your requirements change, we’ll be there to provide the support you need.

If your business is new, you can give yourself a head start with our Essential plan, and then, when you’re ready, you can upgrade your plan to maximize your company’s potential.

If you need a solution for a larger organization, our advanced tools and custom support provide a comprehensive package rarely offered by other CRM platforms.

But we don’t rest on our laurels; we’re always looking to improve our features.

We’re constantly updating our features and releasing new products to give you even more opportunities to grow your business.

Want to see why we’re one of the highest-rated CRM tools? You can try our Essential, Advanced and Professional plans for free for 14 days.

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