Sales forecasting

Become a better closer with Forecasting

Our Forecasting tool is akin to having a personal sales manager, except it can’t fire you if you don’t make your targets. It helps you to pick the right deals and activities to focus on, so you won’t experience nasty surprises at the end of the month.

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Forecasting allows effective sales planning

Successful and reliable sales forecasting is a key element of any sales strategy, and this is where our system really comes into its own. See ongoing deals arranged by their likely close date next to deals you’ve already closed for easy comparison. This way, you can: correct course before it’s too late, work on deals that are likely to close, or find new deals to work on.

Great for salespeople and managers alike

Sales managers can use the Forecasting view as their main one, in case they want to spare themselves from digging too deep into individual pipelines; while salespeople have the detail and clarity that comes with individual views.

Customize to suit your needs

You may want to see your closed deals arranged by delivery or implementation date. Pipedrive enables you to fully customize the Forecasting view, and filter for products, date started, deal starter, and much more.

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