8 Productivity Tools We Love At Pipedrive

When we launched Pipedrive in 2010, we faced tons of different challenges as a small team. How do we speak to our customers? How do we keep track of our emails? How do we know who’s done what? The questions go on and on, which is why we thought it’d be a great idea to list some of the tools that have helped us get organized and grow, so others could get the same benefit with a smaller learning curve.

Here are the eight productivity tools that have increased productivity at Pipedrive and can help you do the same.

Mailchimp logo

MailChimp’s email marketing service is a must-have for any small business. If you need to automate emails, send out beautifully designed newsletters, or check the effectiveness of your email copy, MailChimp gets the work done in style. And if you’re just starting up, you won’t have to worry about the cost, either – MailChimp offers a forever-free account so you could get to focus solely on growing your business.

A MailChimp feature that we at Pipedrive really like is the automation. This lets you set up an automated response for when someone signs up to your newsletter or service. Sign up to Pipedrive’s newsletter on the right hand side of the blog and then check your inbox to see the autoresponder in action.

If you’re in need of action-triggered email automation, say, for drip campaigns where you send a series of emails to your customers, we recommend Vero. Vero lets us set the parameters for when and to whom an email is supposed to go out.

Zapier logo

If you need to connect data from different apps or trigger activities in one app based on an event in another, then using Zapier is a no-brainer. And you don’t need any hefty development support for doing so, which is why it’s perfect for small teams. One of the ways we use Zapier is getting the data people enter into a Wufoo form on our Pricing page straight into Pipedrive as a new deal.

Google Apps logo

When it comes to tools for small businesses, Google Apps are hard to beat. Email, storage, collaboration tools like spreadsheets and docs, and calendar – Google Apps is the perfect starter pack for every small business. At Pipedrive, most spreadsheets, text documents and slideshows are on Google Drive, so they could be seen and worked on by multiple people at different locations. This also makes sure that everyone is working with the latest version of a document.

Slack logo

Anyone who’s used Slack in a team knows its power — you’ll almost never have to email your teammates again, so your inbox gets significantly smaller. Slack lets you organize discussions by different open channels (like Marketing, General, Developers) as well as have one-on-one chats and closed group chats.

At Pipedrive, Slack has helped us move 99% of the online conversations away from our email inboxes (we still get the odd forwarded email, but that’s pretty much it). Slack has got a bunch of useful integrations as well. For example, we start Google Hangouts with our team simply by typing /hangout in a channel. It’s incredibly simple and you have all the right people involved from the start.

We also like their alternative called Fleep.

Yesware logo

Yesware is a tool that will help you see what happens to an email after you send it. It lets you track who opens your emails, create reusable templates, and sync your emails and email data with your CRM tool.

Yesware is one of the favorite tools for Pipedrive’s customer success manager, since it shows her how well her email-copy is working by showing the open and click rates, and reminds her to follow up, when no response has been received.

Buffer logo

Buffer is a great social media automation tool for small businesses. It’s easy to use, boosts conversations and engagement with your audience, and saves you time on social media management. We at Pipedrive especially like the report on CTR and RTs delivered conveniently to your email inbox. Simply set up the sharing schedule and be on your way to increasing traffic to either your site and engaging better with your audience.

iDoneThis logo

iDoneThis is a tool for recording all the things you get done at work. By logging all your “dones” throughout the day, everyone in your team will always know what you’ve been up to and vice versa. You can also log your priorities and to-dos there, which you can later tick as “done,” and everyone can “like” others’ priorities and “dones.” So iDoneThis brings transparency to your team and lets you champion high productivity.

At Pipedrive, we love using iDoneThis, because it keeps people on the same page. We set up an iDoneThis award to motivate people to use it continuously – every month, the employee who receives most likes for their “dones” receives a small prize and a bucket load of fame.

Last but not least, one productivity tool we use at Pipedrive on a daily basis is … Pipedrive. It’s not only great for managing your sales and sales pipeline, but also for other processes. For example, at Pipedrive we use Pipedrive for hiring and interview management, PR and blog outreach, content planning and writing, and managing customer success. Another way to enhance your email efforts would be to use one of our helpful templates, such as this for cold emailing

Pipedrive makes sure you never drop the ball – its visual overview and reminders will always let you know whom you need to follow up with and when. If you’d like to find how Pipedrive can work for you, try Pipedrive free for 30 days.