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How Flowbird increased business by 23%

Based in the UK, Flowbird offers clients a complete marketing and CRM implementation service.

  • Industry: Consulting/SaaS
  • Location: UK
  • Integration: ActiveDEMAND

By integrating Pipedrive and ActiveDEMAND, Flowbird increased its business by 23%.


Percentage Flowbird increased business


Number of specialized solutions integrated

The challenge

In the beginning, Flowbird used only marketing systems to serve their clients’ needs, incorporating a variety of software to achieve this aim. What they found was that, while these marketing tools contained a CRM sub-system, they really weren’t fit for purpose.

Flowbird would have to find a specialized sales CRM in addition to a marketing platform in order to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

We initially set up Flowbird as a CRM implementation consultancy before introducing marketing automation two years ago. We started out by using two well-known marketing automation products but immediately began getting negative responses from our clients. While these systems professed to be CRMs, they are not really CRMs, certainly not in the way I would know them from a salesperson’s perspective. They were not easy to use. They were not slick.

Jason RainbirdFounder, Flowbird

I decided that I wanted to get back to my real experience, which was in CRM. I’d known Pipedrive for many years, I’d played around with it, but now I decided that it would be our core offering. So I signed up, started using it and since then we’ve been getting some really good feedback from clients.
If I can’t sell you today, I want you out of my pipeline because I want an active pipeline. Once I’ve moved a prospect into the LTN pipeline, the marketing automation platform can take over and when they’re ready, we’ll flip them back over into the active pipeline. This means that the pipeline stays clean, while the sales team has peace of mind knowing that the long-term prospects are being looked after.
Lead scoring is a pivotal part of our sales success. If a prospect shows no activity for a long period of time a notification is triggered, and a human will step in. By setting how various activities impact a lead score, and then setting up different automations based on that score, users can be nurtured automatically or sent up to sales when they’re ready.

Jason RainbirdFounder, Flowbird

The solution

After testing various marketing systems, Flowbird landed on ActiveDEMAND, a platform that offers streamlined campaign management, campaign recipes and attribution reporting. Flowbird chose ActiveDEMAND because it offered a native integration with Pipedrive, was feature-rich and affordably priced.

The perfect way to stress-test this dual marketing and CRM software approach was to start using the system on their own unique sales process. Apart from occasional forays into networking and attending events, Flowbird’s customer acquisition process is almost entirely based on referrals from existing clients.

Flowbird began setting up its sales process by creating two sales funnels: a core funnel and a long-term nurture (LTN) funnel. Jason split the two funnels, keeping pre-prospect (LTN) contacts in ActiveDEMAND and sales-ready (core) prospects in Pipedrive.

The results

Thanks to the Pipedrive and ActiveDEMAND integration, Flowbird has seen a 23% increase in business.

When clients come to Jason and his team, he makes it clear that they are offering more than just a CRM system where you track sales. In fact, they provide a complete solution that bridges the gap between sales and marketing so that the strategies are perfectly aligned.

We now have the ability to immediately trigger long-term nurture processes directly from inside Pipedrive whilst still on the phone to the contact. We can regularly get in touch with contacts and then they come back to us at the appropriate time. Before, we would have simply created a follow-up task and probably have lost the business before getting back to them.
The system we’ve created takes CRM to the next level. You don’t need to pay someone a massive amount of money to have a really slick solution. If you’re an SME with about 10-15 employees, losing even one lead can be a serious problem. We’ll make sure that no one falls through the cracks. By combining Pipedrive and ActiveDEMAND, we believe we’ve created the perfect system.

Jason RainbirdFounder, Flowbird

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