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How PropriLib grew its revenue and sales team

Based in Paris, France, PropriLib is a full-service real estate agency that works on a fixed fee, no matter the price of the property.

  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Location: France
  • Integration: Slack

By integrating Pipedrive and Slack, PropriLib was able to grow its revenue and sales team in just one year.


Number of team members on PropriLib’s sales team


Number of sales cycles used by PropriLib

The challenge

Before adopting real estate CRM Pipedrive and Slack, Stanislas and his team tried to use a project management solution and another CRM to help get a handle on their deals. Both didn’t work for PropriLib’s unique needs or for the company’s two sales cycles:

  1. Homeowners who want to sell their properties

  2. Selling those properties to buyers

I wanted a CRM tool that would keep the pipeline simple and easy to manage. In addition, I wanted a tool my team would be able to learn easily and quickly so they could focus on selling homes.

Stanislas AllauzenFounder

Now that Pipedrive and Slack are integrated, a sales rep can follow up on the announcement of a new client by adding the Pipedrive deal right into Slack. Then real estate agents can see the new customer, all their information and any questions or important notes associated with the deal.
Even without Slack, Pipedrive is a good tool to automate tasks. Little by little, we gain time on the sales cycle by automating repetitive tasks, like welcome emails to property owners explaining the next steps in selling their homes. Real estate sales are, by nature, complicated and require a lot of documentation, both legal and financial. A disorganized deal would be a tremendous liability for us. With Pipedrive, we have exactly the files we need, so we don’t have to open each email in order to find them.

Stanislas AllauzenFounder

The solution

Pipedrive and Slack turned out to be the dream solution for PropriLib. Slack is used for project management, with everything from real estate deals to writing blog posts for the company’s site managed on the app. In addition to project management, reps and agents use Slack for collaborating and problem-solving.

PropriLib connected Slack and Pipedrive so they could automatically post deals to Slack where all the agents can see them. In addition, they were able to automate sales tasks to save time and make their sales process quicker and more efficient.

Pipedrive has been instrumental in helping PropriLib collect and organize deal information. When clients email that information to PropriLib, those documents are added to their deal in Pipedrive, which saves time and provides peace of mind for the real estate agents.

The results

In the time PropriLib has been using Pipedrive, they have seen revenue growth and have been able to grow the sales team.

From Automations to a clearer sales process, Pipedrive has helped PropriLib start to update the world of French real estate and provided them with a competitive advantage by shortening the sales cycle.

Our competitors are using more traditional approaches to sales, like email and phone calls, which take up a lot of time. We hope to speed up our sales cycle even further and dominate our competition, something we believe is possible with Pipedrive and its easy-to-use integrations.

Stanislas AllauzenFounder

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