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How PropriLib Grew Its Revenue and Sales Team with Pipedrive and Slack

PropriLib, a real estate agency based in Paris, France, was founded in June of 2018 by Stanislas Allauzen in a bid to change French real estate.

  • Client: PropriLib
  • Industry: Real estate
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Number of employees: 5

Quick facts

PropriLib grew sales and its sales team in its first year using Pipedrive

Pipedrive automates PropriLib’s sales tasks, saving agents time

Pipedrive and Slack help streamline PropriLib’s sales process


CRM Requirements

Real estate sales are, by nature, complicated and require a lot of documentation, both legal and financial. A disorganized deal would be a liability for a real estate agency. Stanislas needed a solution that would:

  • Keep the files for every deal organized and easily accessible
  • Automate his pipeline and keep it simple and easy to manage
  • Be easy and quick to learn
  • Integrate well with Slack
We need a CRM that our employees will understand well and very fast, and Pipedrive is very good for that.

Stanislas AllauzenCo-founder, PropriLib


How Pipedrive helped

Manage deals through Slack

PropriLib has used Slack from the start to manage everything from real estate deals to writing blog posts for their website. With Pipedrive’s Dealbot for Slack integration, they can now automatically post deals to Slack where all agents can see them, gather information and follow up.

Automate sales tasks

Automation of sales tasks has saved Stanislas and his team a lot of time. Once a contract is assigned to an agent, for example, Pipedrive automatically sends an email to the property owner welcoming them to PropriLib and explaining the next steps in selling their home.

Save time, sell more

Pipedrive saves PropriLib time compared to competitors, who make calls and send emails the traditional way. This allows the team to sell more and offer clients a lower fixed fee. Stanislas also wants to speed up his cycle further with the Pipedrive LeadBooster chat, which feeds qualified sales leads directly to sales reps.

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Pipedrive features used

Workflow automation, to create a time-saving, streamlined process for their team

Email templates, to give automated communications a personal touch

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