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The only limit to the ways you can use Pipedrive is your imagination.
We partner with industry leading companies to ensure that the only limit to the ways you can use Pipedrive is your imagination. Whether you're seeking increased automation, enhanced reporting or want Pipedrive to work with other software you're already using, there's bound to be an integration that meets your needs.

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Proposals and contracts:


Zapier is a great way for users to push data between Pipedrive and Freshbooks without having to write any code. While there are prebuilt templates, the integration allows you to build your own in just a few minutes.


Pipedrive users can send, track and eSign all sales and business documents with GetAccept. With full document analytics, you have full control of the secure e-signing process directly from Pipedrive using all the existing data in templates. Accelerate the close and engage the recipient with a personalised video introduction and use the built-in live chat to keep the conversation going from initial pitch to won deal.


MRPEasy is powerful yet simple resource planning software for small and midsize manufacturers and distributors. It contains advanced stock, supply chain and production management. The integration automatically sends successful deals into MRPEasy for fulfillment: sell in Pipedrive and manage products in MRPEasy!


The Octiv integration with Pipedrive gives salespeople the power to create, send, track and sign sales documents online – on any device, anywhere. Create accurate and professionally branded presentations, quotes, proposals, and contracts. Quote and price deals accurately and consistently. Share trackable, collaborative documents for eSignature.


Track, negotiate, and sign documents with your clients all in one location. Sync contact data between Pipedrive and PandaDoc and close deals quickly.


Send invoices without ever leaving Pipedrive. Your sales team can turn deals into invoices without changing their workflow. Move a deal to the selected stage in your pipeline to automatically generate and email an invoice. Paycove updates your deal, keeping you informed of payments and notifications.


Proposable takes the pain out of creating, tracking, and signing your sales proposals. Sync your Pipedrive deals and contacts with Proposable and generate beautiful web-based sales documents that will wow your prospects. Once proposals are delivered, all proposal activity, deal value, and proposal acceptance flows back into Pipedrive for a seamless proposal workflow.


Proposify integrates with Pipedrive to streamline your sales. Connect one of your Proposify proposals with a deal in Pipedrive and we'll automatically update your deal as it progresses through the sales cycle.


Zapier allows you to integrate Pipedrive with the digital version of the popular accounting tool Quickbooks. Make sure all your sales information reaches your accounting department every time.


The Market Leading sales quoting and proposal solution integrates with Pipedrive via TanamiGold by Gold Rush Technology. QuoteWerks provides flexible quoting and proposal templates, access to prices directly from some vendors, or into existing accounting, or other databases. QuoteValet delivers quotes as online shopping carts, and you’ll know when your customer views your quote with their online acceptance and immediate payment options. Leasing, recurring billing, bundles, quote configurator are just some of the available features.


WebMerge automates your document creation so you can get back to business. Automatically populate Pipedrive data into a PDF, Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation in an instant without the need to manually copy and paste.


Xero is online accounting software aimed specifically at small businesses. With the Pipedrive integration through Zapier, you can seamlessly take a deal from closed to the attention of your accounting department.

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