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Pipedrive’s Professional plan

Our Professional plan is packed with advanced reporting, pipeline management and lead routing tools to help you optimize your sales process. If you need a customizable, feature-rich CRM solution that helps simplify your workflow but offers more capabilities than our Advanced plan, Pipedrive Professional is perfect. It’s our most popular plan for a reason!

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Who’s it for?

We recommend Pipedrive Professional for small businesses with established sales teams looking to make the most of their CRM tool. Try it today to level up your team collaboration, streamline your sales process and benefit from enhanced lead routing features, so your reps can spend more time winning deals.

What’s included

Streamlined lead routing

Set up automation rules to assign and distribute deals within teams for faster follow-ups.

Deal card customization

Simplify your sales pipeline and show only the most crucial information with customizable deal cards.

Formula and pipeline-specific fields

Improve data quality by setting up required and pipeline-specific fields and customizations for your team. Automate deal calculations and eliminate human error with formula fields.

Easy document and contract management

Send trackable quotes, proposals and contracts from Pipedrive and easily sign documents online.

Improved account control

Create custom user permissions and visibilities and manage access at group and individual levels for enhanced team management.

Deeper reporting capabilities

Access in-depth historical sales data to improve sales forecasting and determine revenue, so you can make winning decisions. Use custom fields when filtering and building custom reports.

Choose Professional if:

  • You want a great-value CRM tool to invest in your team's success. Pipedrive Professional sits between our Essential plan – designed for salespeople new to customer relationship management – and our Enterprise plan, making it the perfect Pipedrive pricing plan for up-and-coming businesses.
  • You want a CRM software solution that balances ease of use with impressive functionality. Our Professional plan offers all the Pipedrive features your salesforce needs to focus on closing while still being user-friendly, helping you save precious onboarding time.
  • You need a CRM with customizable pipeline features, including custom deal cards tailored to your sales process and pipeline-specific fields.
  • Your team members could benefit from workflow automation features that seamlessly distribute incoming deals.
  • You want to centralize your documentation and CRM processes with trackable quotes, proposals and contracts.
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How Big Dog Solar grew revenue by 40% with Professional

American solar panel installation company Big Dog Solar needed advanced reporting features to enhance operations and drive revenue. It set its sights on a user-friendly CRM platform offering insight into its enterprise and lead generation processes.

By choosing Pipedrive Professional, Big Dog Solar was able to gain visibility into its sales pipeline and obtain valuable data to make informed decisions. Pipedrive CRM’s intuitive interface made it easy to optimize operations and focus on what mattered most – winning deals.

With the help of Pipedrive Professional, Big Dog Solar saw a 40% revenue increase, streamlined its operations and improved its sales practices.

“Pipedrive has been the keystone because it’s enabled us to keep track of everything from visibility and management, but also add the reps and keep track of their prospects a little better.”

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