Insights and reports

Leave spreadsheets behind and play with your data in customizable reports and interactive dashboards

Customizable reports

Create custom CRM fields for reports and decisions as unique as your business. Filter, group and oversee results, revealing winning patterns and bottlenecks for your team to overcome.

  • Deals

  • Revenue

  • Activities

  • Leads

Interactive dashboards

Track your most important reports and KPIs in one place with visual dashboards to monitor team progress at a glance.

  • Beautiful dashboard designs

  • Sharable dashboard links

More features

Open API and integrations
Custom fields and reports
Team management

Trusted by 90,000+ companies in 179 countries

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As a business owner, my favorite feature in Pipedrive is the statistics and being able to look at the dashboard and use those metrics to help each individual on the team.
Lisa Coyle,
CEO, 360 Payments

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