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How CreativeRace used Pipedrive to boost client acquisition by 600%

Integrated marketing agency CreativeRace, which is based in Leeds in the UK, provides a range of marketing solutions to its clients across strategy, performance, creative and communications.

Its long-standing experience in the industry and full-service capabilities have helped it maintain an excellent retention rate with its clients, with some relationships spanning decades.

  • Industry: Marketing
  • Location: UK
  • Key feature: Insights
Creative race case study


Increase in YoY client acquisition


Increase in lead-to-opportunity conversion speed

The problem the company faced

Before adopting Pipedrive, the CreativeRace sales team was having issues understanding its lead generation process and how its prospects were moving through the pipeline.

Without dedicated functions for lead generation and sales processes, it was becoming difficult to separate the two aspects of the business. Leads were being lost in the pipeline and forecasting for the year ahead was tricky.

Oliver Lee, Sales Director for CreativeRace, found he was struggling to manage his day-to-day tasks and keep up to date with the performance of his team, taking time away from the key jobs he needed to do.

Moreover, CreativeRace also needed somewhere to store their prospect contact information that was accessible to the whole team with minimal onboarding time.

We lacked a defined sales/lead gen process. It was hard to keep track of leads we had in our pipeline and difficult to forecast our predicted revenue for the year ahead.

Oliver LeeSales Director, CreativeRace

How Pipedrive provides a solution

With an understanding of the company’s needs, the CreativeRace team began looking for a CRM that could fulfill its requirements for an affordable price, and after reviewing the market, it settled on Pipedrive.

It soon became clear that Pipedrive was the right CRM for CreativeRace, bringing its staff all the functionality they needed at the right cost.

By being able to split the lead generation and sales pipelines into two separate entities, CreativeRace gained the ability to closely track each process without losing any details along the way.

And with customizable fields, CreativeRace can build pipelines that mirror its sales and lead generation process, which in turn has led to more accurate reporting and list-making.

A lot of other CRM tools either aren’t user friendly or are simply too expensive for the current position our team was in. Pipedrive is significantly better value than other CRMs, but still has an easy-to-use interface. It became apparent that it was a great fit for our team, at a cost we could afford.

Oliver LeeSales Director, CreativeRace

CreativeRace agency
Overall, Pipedrive has improved our targeting and accuracy in data. Using the customized fields has helped us to create relevant lists to target, as well as maintaining the most up-to-date data that feeds through to our dashboards and reporting.

Oliver LeeSales Director, CreativeRace

CreativeRace’s unique way of using Pipedrive

With its separate pipelines set up, CreativeRace is using the clear user interface and reporting functions to round up its data into actionable insights.

Oliver can easily track the performance of his team and see where they are in terms of their targets, and he can use Pipedrive’s insights function to forecast revenue and the velocity of the lead lifecycle.

With this increased visibility of his team’s sales activities, it’s easier than ever for the sales team to create follow-up communications with leads to make sure they never go cold.

CreativeRace has not only been able to make more informed business decisions because of the accurate monthly sales predictions Pipedrive has helped it produce, but it’s also seen an increased conversion rate thanks to better organization and communication with clients, leading to 600% more client acquisition year-on-year.

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