Mobile CRM

Visualize the day ahead and take action in the moment

Wake up and see your day ahead, maximize selling time on the road and zero in on the right tasks to stay on top of deals. Make contact and track engagement with a tap. Capture precise notes on the spot for the smoothest of follow-ups.

Give your sales team the best mobile CRM, available now on iOS and Android mobile devices.

  • Tracked calls and caller ID
  • Super search for smooth follow-ups
  • Focused day organizer
  • Quick notes and meeting prep
  • Reflects web app customizations
Everything in one place: your palm

Take your CRM system with you and manage relationships anywhere

Access your CRM data on- or offline

Search for sales info anytime from your desk or phone

No more end-of-day admin

Guided process prompts and auto-synced phone calls and emails

Join 100,000+ happy mobile users

Wake up organized and swipe for your day ahead

Prioritize your outreach and seize the day ahead – all from your mobile device:

  • See upcoming phone calls and meetings
  • Tackle unread emails and overdue activities
  • Add and edit activities with a tap

Quick info access for rapid meeting prep

Get vital insights and deal-making discoveries when you need them:

  • Use the search bar to locate anything
  • Find lead, deal and contact information
  • See contact history and deal timelines

Capture golden nuggets for smooth follow-ups

Manage your sales pipeline from your phone to move those big deals forward:

  • Search, locate and populate notes
  • Take notes against contacts, companies or deals
  • Use search to recap before a follow-up

Work with what you already use

Connect and sync with the tools you love best

Plan your routes to meetings and see exactly where your customers are

Reply to sales emails with the right information and keep your CRM up to date – without changing tabs

Chat to leads on their favorite platform with deal setting and template functionality

Transfer all your important sales data between Pipedrive and Outlook

Track your calls and emails against deals

Everything you need to streamline your sales management:

  • Tap contacts in-app to automatically track calls
  • See caller IDs and get follow-up note prompts
  • Ping synced emails to deals and contacts

Manage your schedule and find contacts close by

Optimize your workflow and change things up with ease so you can focus on what really matters:

  • Move meetings in one calendar – changes sync to all of them
  • Use “Nearby” to see which leads are close
  • Use email templates to reschedule meetings

Maximize sales time on the road with Gartner’s #1 mobile CRM solution

Choose the easy-to-use mobile CRM app that reflects all your web app customizations

Wow, were we really surprised by the ease of Pipedrive. I particularly love using my mobile device from contacts in Pipedrive and logging the activities as voice-to-text – super cool!

Sacha HawkinsBusiness Development Manager, SalesLogs

Improve sales efficiency on the move

Pipedrive’s mobile CRM app is a vital tool for ensuring that collaboration, outreach and sales processes continue for busy sales teams on the move.

Pipedrive’s mobile CRM guarantees sales reps have access to vital sales information wherever and whenever they need it.

  • Schedule tasks, set and receive reminders and close deals on the fly

  • Access contacts at the swipe of a finger, on- or offline

  • Tap into activity feeds as you prepare to nurture your leads, so you're always meeting your customer’s business needs

  • Stay organized and focused on hitting your sales quotas with everything you could possibly need at your fingertips

Collaborate at lightning speed

Communicate with ease from your mobile device

Remain agile and stay up to date with your team members in real time, thanks to synchronized automation from your mobile CRM system. Update deal stages on the go and automatically notify team members of the change.

Remember the small stuff for big team wins

Log notes and attachments as soon as you think of them, so everyone stays on the same page. Type in or add voice-to-text updates straight from your microphone for quick, easy note-taking. Android users can also take advantage of Note Scanner to photograph handwritten notes and convert them into text.

Stay in control on the go

Manage your sales teams anywhere. Prioritize tasks, update deals with timely information and monitor progress from the palm of your hand. Mention coworkers in notes on deals, organizations and contacts so everyone can stay up to date no matter where they are.

Access data when you need it most

Review customer history before your next meeting

View up-to-date customer data from your tablet or mobile device, so you’re always ready to close that next big sale.

Tap into insights and past activity ahead of your next face-to-face and make sure you’re well equipped to make that first impression a great one.

Automatically link calls to deals

See if an incoming call is related to a deal and link outgoing calls to contacts and activities.

Manage your pipeline after a call by updating deal stages and logging call notes, all packaged in an easily managed mobile user experience.

Personalize customers’ experience

Offer an unbeatable customer experience, supported by real-time information. Take calls away from your desk but keep access to contact details.

Answer incoming calls with a personalized “hello” and tailor messaging for outgoing sales calls, no matter where you are.

How Pipedrive gives salespeople productivity superpowers

You won’t always be at your desk. With Pipedrive’s mobile app, you won’t need to be. Our mobile CRM helps you be more productive on the move.

Save time with voice-to-text

Don’t waste time typing notes out on the move – reduce manual data entry by logging your voice notes straight to your CRM for future use

Start a call in a few clicks

With web-to-mobile calling, it takes just a few clicks to start a call on your mobile device directly from your Pipedrive web app

Make on-the-spot decisions

Maximize your pipeline by assessing leads, deals, timelines and customer details in real time, wherever you are

Set your priorities

Take back the day and see your efficiency skyrocket as you prioritize leads, emails and activities – on a walk, on the train or before your next face-to-face

Connect with your favorite apps

Integrate seamlessly with Outlook, Gmail, Quickbooks and more, so vital customer data is never more than a swipe away

View and reach goals

Visualize your sales journey with our goal feature so you can see pending activities, actions and follow-up notes across your pipeline

Mobile CRM FAQs

Generate revenue from the palm of your hand