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How Accentuate grew revenue by 1000%

Australian company Accentuate Web Design & Marketing offers online presence solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses, as well as a few larger corporate customers.

  • Industry: Agency/Consultancy
  • Location: Australia
  • Key feature: Deals
Accentuate Case Study

Since adopting Pipedrive four years ago, the company has drastically boosted its revenue with the help of Pipedrive’s robust CRM data management and automation features.


Accentuate has grown from 2 employees to 11


The company has increased its revenue by 1000%


Accentuate has increased its revenue tenfold in 4 years

The challenge

Before turning to Pipedrive, Accentuate was using a more manual spreadsheet model to manage lead and customer data, which meant that opportunities were going unnoticed.

There also wasn’t a system or a central location for data input, which caused confusion, as information was being split across email and spreadsheets. All this was slowing down Accentuate’s sales process and clogging up their pipeline.

We were manually logging tasks in email, a task manager and spreadsheets, with no central reference point for our sales team.

Eden BrownleeDirector and Senior Digital Strategy Consultant, Accentuate Web Design & Marketing

Pipedrive had the starting feature set that we needed and, from my testing, it also was the easiest and quickest to set up – and the fact we could integrate via webhooks/API, we could grab whatever data we needed for our other software’s and processes to begin automation of repetitive tasks and data entry.
Having a CRM allows you to put everything into one easy-to-manage space. To have your list of activities, have everything mapped out so you don’t have to store it in your head, and you can keep focused on what you need to do but still know that clients are being followed up, deals are being processed. You can have that deal card where every call, every email, everything related to that deal is there in one place.

Eden BrownleeDirector and Senior Digital Strategy Consultant, Accentuate Web Design & Marketing

The solution

An expert in process management and optimization, Eden didn’t just look at what Pipedrive was, he looked at what it could be, realizing quickly that Pipedrive is a CRM that can scale with the customer’s needs, integrating and automating with other business processes on a higher level.

He also admits that cost was a factor in his decision, as well as how quick and easy Pipedrive was to implement. Pipedrive’s integrations, including an accounting integration and PandaDoc, both available on Pipedrive’s Marketplace, are also an important part of the company’s sales process. These integrations enable them to easily create invoices and automate their proposal creation process.

Pipedrive’s Scheduler is another key feature for Accentuate, which Eden describes as “a fantastic tool to save time and book appointments.”

The results

In the four years since Eden discovered Pipedrive as the ideal CRM for the web design company, Accentuate has increased annual revenue ten times over thanks to Pipedrive’s ability to scale and manage its sales process.

You need to be able to scale and manage your client base effectively if you want to be serious about competing in a modern business arena. And if you want to scale and manage your client base effectively you need a CRM, like Pipedrive, simple as that.

Eden BrownleeDirector and Senior Digital Strategy Consultant, Accentuate Web Design & Marketing

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