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Sales automation system

Eliminate busywork with sales automation

Salespeople often spend hours of valuable time on mundane administrative tasks. Technology offers some sales automation solutions, including dedicated software and artificial intelligence, to process more of these repetitive tasks.

With Pipedrive, you can automate just about any step of your sales process. Trigger personalized emails that go out whenever you create a deal, or move a deal along a pipeline stage, keeping leads warm while you focus on high-priority tasks.

Our AI-powered sales mentor further boosts your performance by providing personalized tips and recommending Pipedrive features and app integrations to do the repetitive work for you. Continue reading to discover our sales automation tools or try Pipedrive free for 14 days.

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What to look for in a sales automation system

  • Lead pre-qualifying features: Retrieve valuable information about your leads to improve your sales strategy.

  • Workflow automation: Fully automate a vast range of time-consuming administrative tasks related to your deals.

  • Open API: Connect any system, software or app in your technology stack to Pipedrive.

  • Email templates: Use our existing templates or create your own to take the stress out of customer communications.

  • Personalized tips: Get real-time notifications with personalized, performance-based tips.








Sales Assistant

While the idea of eliminating busywork sounds tempting, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin.

This is where Pipedrive’s Sales Assistant comes into play. This popular sales automation software provides behavior-based cards with performance tips, recommended features, app integrations and other useful information. The system also notifies you and your team whenever a change has been made to your account settings, ensuring everyone’s on the same page.


Performance tips


Progress updates



Administrative tasks like sending a follow-up email or scheduling a call are part of every sales process.

Pipedrive’s Automations feature is designed to prevent deals from falling through the cracks. You can automate just about any repetitive sales task, like creating a deal whenever a new contact is added, transferring ownership to another rep when a deal reaches a new stage and much more.

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Smart Contact Data

Selling is a lot harder when all you know about your prospect is their name. Information like where they work, where they’re based and what they’re into can help you address a prospect’s needs and close a deal.

Our Smart Contact Data is an automation feature that’ll help you uncover valuable information about your customers and pre-qualify leads. Use the feature to pull web data from sources like LinkedIn, Google and Twitter with just one click and estimate how “hot” your leads are.

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More sales CRM features

Prioritized activity reminders

Choose any combo of in-app, email and mobile notifications to be reminded of upcoming activities

Open API

Easily connect Pipedrive to other software and develop custom features with the free API key


Push real-time updates in Pipedrive to your endpoint or app of choice. Check out our developers' guide to learn more

Important fields

Improve the quality of your data by setting important fields for your team

Google and social media data export

Export any piece of data from a list of items, including deals, organizations, people, activities and notes

Automate personalized email templates

Send more emails without losing a personal touch

One-click contact data

Enter a customer’s email address to retrieve their public data and build a clearer profile

Triggers and actions

Speed up your workflow by automating tasks based on your chosen trigger event. Learn more

Benefits of sales automation

Pipedrive is designed to:

  • Reduce human error by automating data entry
  • Keep your leads warm with automated email templates
  • Boost your performance with personalized tips
  • Help you pre-qualify leads by pulling public data
  • Automatically notify you of account changes
  • Eliminate repetitive administrative tasks

Used by over 100,000 companies in 179 countries

In the forecast view, we look at what deals are due to close this month, next month just to make sure everyone is really honest about what they should be working on.

Carolyn PearsonFounder, Maiden Voyage

One of the favorite features within Pipedrive is the email integration. It pulls all of the clients details in, so that we don’t have to think about it.

Erin and DrewFounders, Pro Arts

As a business owner, my favorite feature in Pipedrive is the statistics and being able to look at the dashboard and use those metrics to help each individual on the team.

Lisa CoyleCEO, 360 Payments

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