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What’s New on Pipedrive Mobile
Pipedrivers love our mobile app, which is why we’re always finding ways to make it better. Now that 2018 is upon us, we’ve compiled our sweetest mobile updates for iOS and Android in case you missed out on them! Check Pipedrive Mail in a single view Our Apple loving Pipedrivers can now view Mail directly […]
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Become Unstoppable With Pipedrive’s New and Improved Gold Plan
Here’s a common problem that may sound familiar: it’s painfully difficult to find a CRM your sales team will actually use. That’s because most solutions are built for reporting, not selling, and sales software often becomes little more than a “system of record” you tediously administrate when you’d rather just be selling your product. See […]
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Get to Know Your Leads with Smart Contact Data
Big Data has the answers to all your customer questions, the key is sifting through the piles of information for those golden nuggets. But don’t worry about the messy part, because Pipedrive now does all the searching and gathering for you. Supercharge your leads at the click of a button with Pipedrive’s new Smart Contact […]
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Take your pipeline with you on the go!

Did you know that you can track your sales calls with Pipedrive iOS and Android apps? Just open the app, start the call and let Pipedrive do the rest. Download the app and organize your sales on the go, even when you're not connected to the web. It’s all synced when you get back to the office.

Top Rated CRM App 4.5 / 5
Top Rated CRM App 4.5 / 5

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8 Tips for Next-Level Sales Forecasting

This is how sales forecasting should work: You not only have rich, complete, up-to-date information on all the leads in your pipeline, but also a thorough understanding of historic trends, market conditions, and any external factors that may impact revenue projections. Assuming your sales forecasting method is ideal, you likely use your veteran experience and […]
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