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Latest product updates

What’s new with Pipedrive – July product update
Let’s take a retroactive look at what’s new with Pipedrive. The video below will briefly review our most noteworthy improvements in the last couple of months. To learn more about these features in detail, click the links within the video, or below. In June alone, we released a slew of new features and upgrades: Activity […]
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Introducing Multiple Contacts for Activities
Sometimes, it’s the simple things that really matter. So we’ve identified and fixed one of those things that have a disproportionate effect on our users’ lives. Many of you may be familiar with the following scenario: You schedule a meeting with John Iron, Michael Wood and Jonas Water. As you should, you schedule it as […]
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Say Goodbye to Duplicate Records Forever
The importance of having a clean, reliable database should never be underestimated. Yet the best-laid plans are often thwarted by a combination of human error and unoriginal naming conventions. Are those five entries for Mr. J. Smith in your contacts list five different individuals or the same one added by five different salespeople? Cleaning this […]
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Take your pipeline with you on the go!

Did you know that you can track your sales calls with Pipedrive iOS and Android apps? Just open the app, start the call and let Pipedrive do the rest. Download the app and organize your sales on the go, even when you're not connected to the web. It’s all synced when you get back to the office.

Top Rated CRM App 4.5 / 5
Top Rated CRM App 4.5 / 5

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How Evanston Athletic Club Moved From Spreadsheets to Pipedrive

Read on to learn how Evanston Athletic Club moved on from spreadsheets and utilized Pipedrive to improve lead management and sell more.  Evanston Athletic Club’s story Evanston Athletic Club offers a wide range of health services on top of providing the community with an easy, efficient, and friendly place to exercise daily. Some of their […]
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