Get Pipedrive superpowers

Welcome to Pipedrive Academy! Pipedrive Academy features CRM training videos and tutorials to help you level up your CRM and sales skills, from quick CRM courses to in-depth tutorials on specific features.


Get started with the basics
13 videos, total length 23:57 minutes
This course will show you how you can get started and how Pipedrive can greatly improve your sales results.
Organize your sales data
12 videos, total length 27:47 minutes
Have you experienced data becoming a mess? In this course we will introduce you to those features that will help you best structure your data.
Get your team on board
9 videos, total length 19:01 minutes
Making sure your team is aligned when it comes to sales is quite crucial. This course will align you and your team and set you up for success.
Track and improve performance
5 videos, total length 11:48 minutes
This course will focus on tracking the efforts and results of you and your team and set goals for them. So you can not only see how you are doing, but also improve moving forward to the future.
Never forget a follow-up
12 videos, total length 35:16 minutes
Learn about some nifty features to make sure you'll never forget to follow-up and maintain that precious relationship with your customer.
Automate manual work and save time
14 videos, total length 39:41 minutes
Learn all about how you and your team can save shiploads of time with the help of automations, data syncs and much more.
Make sales results easier to predict
4 videos, total length 05:54 minutes
Learn about some helpful features to help you make educated decisions regarding the revenue of your company.
Spread the word
3 videos, total length 02:52 minutes
Nothing more then some tender Pipedrive loving. Share your knowledge and love for Pipedrive and get rewarded for that.