What is a CRM system?

Working with a CRM system is an easy way to boost productivity, increase sales, and cut down on admin work. That is, if you pick the right one.

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How does a CRM system work?

Using a CRM system gives salespeople the visibility they need to manage multiple deals and contacts effectively. In other words, it gets them organized.

Cloud-based CRM systems in particular make collaborating and selling on the move a breeze. They allow you to access communication history with leads, important sales metrics, and the actions necessary to drive deals to close from anywhere, anytime.

The key figures a CRM system helps you track

The number of deals in your pipeline

The average size and value of your deals

The average percentage of deals won

The average lifetime of a deal before it’s won

The secret to sales success is staying active

Experiences salespeople know that in order to get results you need to plan actionable and repeatable steps. Results can’t be controlled, but your actions can. The biggest advantage of using a CRM system is that it helps you structure those actions and, ultimately, shape your results into what you want them to be.

A sales CRM system that makes you unstoppable

Pipedrive’s sales management tool offers the features and functionality of complex CRM systems minus the frills. Our software is designed to keep things simple, lean, and easy to use for salespeople or anyone who wants to cut down on admin time. 

Half of our 75,000+ liked Pipedrive so much that they switched from another CRM tool. As for the other half, they didn’t even know they needed Pipedrive until they tried it.

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What is a CRM System | Pipedrive
What is a CRM System | Pipedrive