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Pipedrive Launches Multiple New Features and Four Updated Price Plans

Announcing Pipedrive’s multiple new features, designed to help sales reps get more qualified leads into their pipeline and managers coordinate their sales teams. Make sales success inevitable with the brand new Pipedrive.

So that you get access to the features you need the most, we’ve also updated our pricing plan options to make it easier for salespeople to find the perfect solution for their business. Four new pricing plan options have been launched: Essential, Advanced, Professional and Enterprise.

One of the brand new features will be available to all customers, in all four plans, while others will empower users of the high-tier plans. We’ve also tailored each new plan so that the suite of features available best suits the needs of the businesses using it.

Here is the new feature that will become available to all our customers, no matter which one of the four new pricing plans they’re on.

AI Sales Assistant: We’ve developed a new AI-powered feed that continually processes information about deals. It analyzes your past performance, brings risks to your attention and then provides assistance, encouraging you to stay focused on those activities that will move the most promising deals closer to completion.

The new features

As well as AI Sales Assistant there are five brand new features available on a number of the new plans.

Call Tracking: Call contacts directly from Pipedrive to automatically link calls to deals, record conversations, take notes and track metrics.

Sales Insights and Reports: Create, customize and filter visual sales dashboards to track your goals with ease. Master conversion, team performance and uncover winning patterns to accelerate progress on time.

Sales Insights App: Steer team performance toward your company’s goals from your mobile device. Access sales rep KPIs, deals and your team leaderboard to coach conversion on the move.

Security Dashboard: Manage access and security-related activity in your company’s account and get tips on how to protect your business data.

Group Email: Create email distribution lists and send emails to groups of addresses at once.

All Pipedrive plans are available now, with some new features available now and others becoming available between now and the end of 2019.

An updated interface for all users

Although some features will only be available to those in higher tiers, we have updated much of the functionality across the whole of Pipedrive to improve the experience for our users.

We’ve simplified the look and feel of the user interface, making it more flexible so that individual salespeople and sales managers can customize Pipedrive to mirror their organization’s sales process to their personal preference.

As they can choose where all their information sits, salespeople will be able to find what they need when they need it, especially those promising deals in the pipeline that require them to take action in real time.

Introducing Essential, Advanced, Professional and Enterprise

Three new Pipedrive plans build on existing plans, realigned for clarity and to deliver greater value to sales professionals.

A fourth plan is a first-time offering for Pipedrive’s large enterprise customers that will benefit from more service and support. Higher tier plans include all of the features of lower-tier plans, as well as unique features of their own.

The four plans are:

Essential (formerly Silver)

New feature access: AI Sales Assistant.

The Essential plan helps sales professionals organize deals and stay focused on high-impact sales activities. New functionality and features include additional pipeline customization options and an AI-powered Sales Assistant.

Advanced (formerly Gold)

New feature access: AI Sales Assistant.

The Advanced plan automates repetitive administrative tasks and accelerates the process of moving deals to completion. Advanced plan users will have access to everything available on the Essential plan.

Advanced users will also now get access to Single Sign-On, so they won’t have to create multiple new accounts every time someone joins your team, which will cut back onboarding time and overheads.

Professional (formerly Platinum)

New feature access: AI Sales Assistant, Call Tracking, Sales Insights App, Sales Insights and Reports, Security Dashboard, Group Email.

The Professional plan helps sales managers to focus on sales team performance and growing their business in real time. New capabilities include Call Tracking: a built-in sales calling capability that comes with 300 minutes of local calls.

An enhanced sales inbox includes Group Email, which lets sales professionals customize mass emails to large lists. Meanwhile, presets speed up the process of automating workflows.

In addition, we have completely redesigned Pipedrive’s reporting for sales managers, with fully customizable goal-setting and dashboard views that enable sales managers to better track the status of deals and make adjustments rapidly.

Customers can now set user permissions and provide access to information at a more granular level. A new security dashboard gives organizations greater peace of mind that customer information is protected and provides suggestions on how to better secure their business data by showing information on logins and user activity.

The new mobile app lets sales managers access insights from their phones.

Enterprise (new)

New feature access: AI Sales Assistant, Call Tracking, Sales Insights App, Sales Insights and Reports, Security Dashboard, Group Email.

The brand new Enterprise plan gives larger organizations all the capabilities of Essential, Advanced and Professional plans, as well as additional support and service.

If you choose Enterprise, we’ll provide you with:

  • An Implementation Manager and Account Manager
  • Set-up and onboarding assistance
  • Assistance for individual users
  • Support for pipeline customization and advanced security and user permissions
  • Ongoing technical support via phone.

All Pipedrive plans are compatible with LeadBooster, our newly launched prospecting and lead generation add-on that instantly engages web visitors and captures qualified leads so salespeople can pursue them while they’re hot.

What do the new Pipedrive plans mean for me?

The new Pipedrive plan options help organizations of all sizes choose the right plan for their business needs, so they can reach their sales goals and grow more quickly.

Pipedrive is designed by salespeople for salespeople, with their most pressing needs in mind. We have interviewed and surveyed sales professionals who are Pipedrive customers to find out what these needs are.

Speeding up the prospecting process: Three out of four sales professionals say prospecting is “quite” or “extremely” important and at least half say it’s a “struggle” to find prospects and get them into the pipeline quickly. Of those who say it’s a struggle, 37% identified prospecting as the aspect of the sales process that needs the most improvement.

Reducing time spent on repetitive tasks: Three out of four sales professionals say it’s important to reduce the time spent on repetitive administrative tasks and 40% say they struggle to keep the right balance.

Getting greater visibility of their sales team’s performance: Half of sales managers cite the following managerial tracking and reporting tasks as extremely important:

  • Reviewing the performance of each salesperson
  • Understanding what must be done next in the sales process
  • Quickly adjusting sales goals and/or processes based on key performance metrics that are monitored in real time

Pricing and Availability

All new Pipedrive plans are available now. For more information, including pricing, visit: https://www.pipedrive.com/en/pricing

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