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CRM software that drives sales

Customer relationship management software, by definition, helps you nurture relationships with leads while aligning your team’s sales activities.

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Customer relationship management software

CRM software is defined as a tool that helps you manage your customer relationships. This includes contact management, lead management, deal tracking and sales reporting.

The best CRM tools help you and your team drive sales, which is why this type of software has two different target users: sales managers and salespeople. Depending on which category you fall into, there are different features you should look out for when choosing one of many CRM tools on the market.

Benefits of using CRM software

Customer relationship management software gets your sales efforts organized. As a sales manager, using CRM software will help you coordinate your team and streamline activities to drive more deals to close.

One of the biggest benefits of CRM software is that it gives you a visual overview of your deals, as well notifications that remind you about key activities. This means than no promising deal can fall through the cracks and you'll also always know what’s coming next.

Use CRM software with a sales pipeline

The sales pipeline, a key feature of Pipedrive’s CRM software, is a visual overview of deals based on the stage of development they’re in.

Being able to link activities and contact to individual deals helps you log information in a way that’s both organized and easy to digest. Activity reminder notifications on top of all this makes knowing when to follow up a breeze, meaning you’ll never miss a sales opportunity.

How Pipedrive will make you unstoppable

A light-touch sales CRM built for minimum input and maximum output. With our simple, intuitive software there’s no 200 page list of functions, and no two day training required. Just log in, fill up your pipeline and start selling with a product designed to make selling beautiful.

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