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The best CRM for contact management

The best CRM for contact management helps you combine communications tracking, interactions, customer preferences and support tickets in one centralized tool shared across your business.

What do contact managers need from a CRM?

The right customer relationship management (CRM) for contact management improves your overall customer experience and sales performance through enhanced efficiency, contact transparency and more valuable customer interactions.

Access real-time data from anywhere

Update, share and analyze information on any device with Pipedrive’s cloud-based contact management CRM system

Sync customer data

Collect customer data from imports, email, social media platforms, web forms and SMS to gain a wider view of your contacts in one contact management tool

Foster effective team collaboration

Share knowledge across your business with a centralized tool that allows you to tag and filter information, easily assign tasks and send reports

Personalize your touchpoints

Understand each contact’s history with your organization to help you develop more relevant touchpoints across the customer lifecycle

Leverage valuable information

Understand customers’ buying power, channel activity and conversion potential with detailed CRM insights

Deliver a superior customer experience

Customize your entire customer journey and automate workflows that improve how you interact with your prospects, leads and customers

How Pipedrive helps contact managers manage sales contacts and services

Whether you’re a large business or a small business, managing vast sets of customer contact information can be overwhelming. It’s not enough to just collect customer data—you also need to meaningfully organize it so you can leverage it.

The best contact management software helps your managers to streamline their team workflow, hand off task delegation and encourage knowledge sharing. With Pipedrive, you can harness contact data to make better business decisions, prioritize focus and deliver a second-to-none customer experience.

Next-level insights and reporting

Benefit from comprehensive analytics to track your KPIs. Tailor your dashboard and sharable reports to display the insights unique to your specific interests and business goals.

Use this information to better understand your contacts’ past interactions, create valuable opportunities for them in the future and help your sales reps bring in more revenue.

Learn about insights and reports with Pipedrive

Customized contact organization

Organize every contact into purposeful segments. Pipedrive’s custom fields allow you to create unlimited contact labels so you can target your sales and marketing activity.

With flexible custom fields, you can tag contacts with even the most niche differentiators. Filter contacts and get an overview of customer group performance.

Discover how to manage leads and deals with Pipedrive

Automated email tools

Send emails automatically and save time with message-specific templates. Use the Pipedrive email composer with merge fields to personalize your communications.

Automatically add a contact’s name, job title and company, as well as the deal they’re associated with, and send tailored email campaigns at scale.

Find out about how to automate with Pipedrive

Track contact communication

Get notified the moment a contact opens your email or clicks on a link with email tracking. Move qualified contacts to another stage in your contact management software or follow up while they’re warm.

With a 360-degree view of the communication history for every contact, you gain complete context before making a phone call or sending information.

Stay connected and track communications with Pipedrive

Private and secure data storage

Keep your contact data safe and secure with advanced protection built into your CRM platform. Whichever region you’re in, you’ll stay compliant.

Customize rules to make your business even more secure, such as automatic time-restricted access, IP whitelists and an overview of who uses your data.

Ensure your data is private and secure with Pipedrive

What contact managers can achieve with a flexible CRM solution

A flexible lead management CRM system helps you better manage relationships with your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Pipedrive empowers contact managers and their teams to:

  • Build a customizable pipeline to fit your unique business needs and processes
  • Record information such as name, organization, buying power and product preferences for every contact
  • Get a transparent overview of every contact profile and their communication history
  • Integrate with practical tools used across your business, like Gmail, and build powerful workflow and marketing automations for repeated tasks
  • Automate document sending, SMS updates and follow-up emails for a smooth customer experience
  • Track email activity, including opens and clicks, to see how your prospective customers and existing contacts are engaging with your business

How to use your CRM software to better manage leads

  • 1. Set up your sales processes for new leads

    Log in to Pipedrive to create a visual representation of your sales pipeline. Customize your pipeline to include the unique sales stages for your business and build new deal flows across your whole company.

    Design separate workflows for inbound inquiries based on their stage in the buying cycle. Prioritize the focus of your contact management system with a clear view of warm leads, likelihood of conversion and inactive deals.

  • 2. Assign tasks and respond to contact requests

    With Pipedrive’s CRM for contact management every customer touchpoint with your business is collected, managed and stored in one place. You have full visibility over all inquiries as soon as they come in via phone, email or form.

    Automatically assign lead activities to the right salesperson and add due dates to stay on track and meet service-level agreements. Get notifications when a contact needs attention and move a task along once you’re finished.

  • 3. Create and sync contact forms to your CRM

    Give your prospects and customers more convenient ways to contact your business and streamline your inquiry management systems to keep customer satisfaction at an all-time high.

    Integrate with tools like Jotform and to create online customer support forms and generate leads that sync directly with your contact management CRM system. By automatically connecting forms with your Pipedrive workflows you’ll stay on top of every reply.

  • 4. Build your follow-up workflows to convert more leads

    Close more leads by following up with relevant information when your leads are hot. Instead of spending time on manual tasks while your leads go cold, automate personalized follow-up emails that are sent at the right time.

    Automate multiple aspects of your workflow through your CRM to help your sales team focus on closing deals. Automatically send email marketing campaigns at scale with customizable email templates and streamline sales activities to prioritize human power on the most important tasks.

  • 5. Establish detailed reporting

    Continually improve your sales, service and contact management through detailed insights. Make meaningful decisions and put more resources behind the activities proven to work.

    Customize your insights report type to suit your business, and share interactive dashboards with teams and stakeholders to help them visualize progress, performance and areas for improvement.

Integrate with your sales tech stack

Supercharge your CRM platform functionality with powerful integrations and add-ons. Gain the benefits of a variety of tools while operating within one centralized contact management solution.

Here are some integrations that can benefit every contact manager.


Save hours of manual data entry. Import LinkedIn contact details, such as name, email, phone number, or company directly to your CRM.

Connect with Pipedrive’s LinkPort integration.


Improve your chances of getting email replies with personalized messages. Automate adding names from your contact list to video and imagery.

Personalize with Pipedrive’s Lemlist integration.


Add advanced call center capabilities to your CRM instantly. Expand the ways your contacts can reach you while automatically syncing all contact data with your CRM.

Communicate with Pipedrive’s CallHippo integration.


Create static and multi-step online forms and surveys. Improve your customer experience and pull information to your CRM without learning any code.

Interact with Pipedrive’s MightyForms integration.

Help your content stand out with an interactive, drag and drop builder. Create quizzes, lead pages, forms and more in minutes with conversion-optimized templates.

Stand out with Pipedrive’s integration.


Automatically transfer information between your CRM and thousands of other everyday apps. Manage tasks and data from many sources in one tool.

Streamline with Pipedrive’s Zapier integration.

Build better customer relationships