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Free downloads and online tools

We’ve created and assembled some of the best tools and free downloads for sales and marketing teams. You can find these resources in a number of different formats, including free online tools, templates, ebooks and more. Check out what free downloads we have available below.

Receive your free downloads in four simple steps

Although we don’t have download links on the site, it’s very simple to download any of our free ebooks or templates. Follow the steps below in real time to get any of the downloads on our templates or ebooks pages.

1. Enter your email

Find the right download using the thumbnails. Select whether or not you want to receive other sales and marketing tips.

2. Click “Send to me”

Your download will be sent directly to the email address you shared. It should only take a few seconds or minutes.

3. Receive your download in your email inbox

If you don’t see the email, check all your folders and make sure you entered your email address correctly.

4. Download your free download

After it’s been downloaded, the download can be printed or shared. Some can even be customized with your branding or fonts.

How Pipedrive’s free tools and downloads can help you

We have dozens of free ebooks, tools and templates to download. Here are just a few lessons you can find:

  • Why it’s vital to encourage a collaborative relationship between sales, marketing and other teams

  • Templates so you can run assessments of new employees, potential customers and sales reps

  • Reports full of informative graphs, trend-setting statistics and clear-cut insights

  • Template design tools that can be saved in your Google Drive as Google Docs, edited as Microsoft Docs or opened on another program

  • Ideas to improve your emails, whether they’re HTML or drag-and-drop

  • How you can improve communication on calls, video tools like Teams, Meet and Zoom, or in sales presentations

Pipedrive’s sales and sales tax calculators

Calculate how many activities you need to complete to earn the income you want with our sales calculator. Our sales tax calculator helps you understand how much sales tax you need to pay.

Once you’ve learned how to get the earnings you want, you can share the sales calculator on social media or via email.

You can use our sales and sales tax calculators regardless of your operating system or browser, so don’t worry if you use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or something else.

Check out our sales calculators

Start Pipedrive’s Sales Pipeline Course

Read our in-depth guide to creating and perfecting your sales pipeline.

Written by Pipedrive’s co-founders, this ebook is accompanied by a free video course available on the Pipedrive Academy. The ebook is full of download links to help you start brainstorming alone or with your team.

Visit the page by clicking the link below and download the Sales Pipeline Course ebook. You could even print off this guide to take your learning offline.

Get the course ebook here

Read Pipedrive’s new sales and marketing report

Free download: The state of sales and marketing 2022/23: The economy review

This in-depth report is based on a survey we ran where we asked entrepreneurs, business owners and sales and marketing professionals about their year.

The ebook covers topics as varied as the importance of sales success, the importance of tools and how relationships affect revenue.

Get the report here

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