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User permissions and visibilities

Full control of your Pipedrive account

Regulate what sales reps can see and do in Pipedrive with advanced user permissions and visibility settings. From customizable permissions to definitive visibility rules – you have full control of your sales CRM account, meaning your valuable business data is as protected as you need it to be.

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Manage user permissions

With our advanced permissions settings, account admins have full control over what regular users can access and do in Pipedrive. Besides default permissions, Professional plan users have access to a third, customizable set. Enterprise users can create unlimited permissions sets, each with its own, unique set of access rules.

Control who sees what

As an Pipedrive account admin, you have full command over who can see which data. Build custom visibility groups and easily restrict data such as deals and contacts from being viewed by anyone outside that group.

User permission FAQs

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  • How do I give and manage user permissions in Pipedrive?

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