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LeadBooster add-on

Get more leads on any Pipedrive plan

LeadBooster is Pipedrive’s powerful and easy to use lead generation tool. Capture high-quality inbound and outbound leads before they drift elsewhere. Add LeadBooster to any Pipedrive CRM plan from $32.50 per month per company.

14-day Pipedrive CRM trial incl. LeadBooster add-on

LeadBooster add-on includes:


Engage website visitors 24/7 and route leads to sales reps

Live Chat

Delight leads by seamlessly swapping between chatbots and live chat


Source quality leads from a database of over 400 million profiles

Web Forms

Embed and share forms and surveys to capture and store new leads with ease


Pipedrive’s Chatbot can be compared to a tireless team member who instantly engages your website visitors 24/7. Customize how it looks, the questions it asks and how it replies. Tailor questions on different web pages, and depending on visitors’ answers, qualify them immediately or route them to an available sales rep.

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Live Chat

Have available sales reps add a human touch when needed – from anywhere. They can seamlessly pick up conversations started by a Chatbot using the Pipedrive web or mobile app. If your team ever gets busy, your Chatbot steps in so no leads slip away.

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Pluck your next new lead from a global database of over 400 million profiles and 10 million companies. Create personas of your target customers using filters like job title, location and industry and then reveal the contact data of your best matches.

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Web Forms

Give your inbound leads an easy and reliable way to share their contact information with you. LeadBooster’s Web Forms are intuitive to build yet highly customizable. Simply share or embed them as forms or surveys on your website and watch the new leads roll in.

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More lead generation features

Schedule meetings

Get more leads into sales demos with your team using Pipedrive’s Scheduler. Send calendar links in Live Chat or, if a lead qualifies, your Chatbot can help them book a meeting with a sales rep. Meetings automatically sync to your reps’ calendars.

Leads Inbox

Pool all your leads in one place before they go into your deals pipeline. Know where leads stand with “hot”, “warm” and “cold” labels, and schedule follow-up calls, emails or activities from Leads Inbox to get the ball rolling.

Spreadsheet imports

Happen to collect some leads manually or from other sources? Quickly upload and store them alongside all your prospects in Pipedrive’s Leads Inbox. Make Pipedrive the one source of truth for your team, so they never miss an opportunity.

Delight leads with end-to-end customer experiences

Impressing your customers from initial contact to post-sales is key to building a customer experience worth raving about.

Today’s customer expects efficient and personalized buying journeys. Achieve this goal with a CRM and lead generation tool that streamlines your processes and helps you turn casual inquiries into loyal customers.

Pipedrive’s B2B lead generation software empowers you to excite leads with:

  • Easy setup. Simplify the form creation process with Pipedrive’s Web Forms builder. Use custom fields to build online forms unique to your brand.

  • Shorter user journeys. Share forms across all channels, including LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Eliminate drop-offs by giving them quick access to your teams and the information they need.

  • Knowledgeable chatbots. Tailor your chatbots across landing pages and customize how they reply to inquiries. Route leads to active sales reps when human interaction is necessary.

  • CRM integration. Integrate purchases and deal stage updates directly with your CRM. Provide real-time notifications for sales teams to keep everyone on the same page.

  • Lead scoring. Stop wasting time on noncommittal leads. Gauge purchase intent with form data analysis and prioritize outreach efforts accordingly.

  • Cloud sharing. Allow anyone in your team to access new form submissions and take appropriate action. Keep warm leads engaged with quick replies from fully-informed reps.

  • Reports and insights. Take advantage of overview and granular reporting to identify broken sales processes, opportunities and cold leads. Regularly review and improve your lead generation efforts to drive more leads into your funnel.

  • Marketing automation. Enable your marketing team so they can build optimized, relevant outreach campaigns and target leads using LeadBooster’s lead segmentation and importing functions.

Give your reps lead generation superpowers

Customize your web forms

Empower reps to collect the information they need. Use custom fields to generate lead data you can act on with LeadBooster’s custom web form designer.

Segment newly qualified leads

Have data automatically imported to your CRM whenever your leads submit web forms. Then, segment leads with custom filters and devise an outreach strategy.

Capture leads from anywhere

Embed forms onto your website, forward them to contacts and share them on social media to direct the hottest leads to your lead management system.

Pair Chatbot with Live Chat

Get Chatbot and Live Chat working in harmony to keep leads engaged: Chatbot will engage new leads and direct them to reps who can reroute them back to bots when necessary.

Centralize lead data

Create a true north of customer data collected from various channels with LeadBooster. Cloud sharing means your team will be kept in the loop in real time.

Book sales meetings

Connect Chatbot and Live Chat with Pipedrive’s Scheduler tool to schedule meetings in a click and automatically update your reps’ calendars.

Track your lead activity for complete oversight

Fully customizable reports

Custom CRM fields make tracking lead activity a breeze.

Get insights on sales cycle duration, win rates and loss patterns with deal reporting. Use lead reports to see where your leads are coming from and which are most likely to convert.

Interactive dashboards

Pipedrive’s beautiful dashboard designs take the monotony out of KPI supervision.

Interactive data organization allows you to quickly view and share your business’s critical metrics. Make smarter sales decisions with clearly visualized lead information.

Goal setting

Establish individual, team and company-wide goals and track progress using our interactive dashboards.

Add and monitor assignees, sales cycles, durations and expected outcomes and measure performance against goals with ease.

How LeadBooster can increase conversion rates and fill sales pipelines

  • 1. Use Prospector to source outbound leads

    Lead generation is much easier when you have a repository of potential customers. LeadBooster’s powerful, fully GDPR-compliant Prospector database gives you insights into over 10 million companies and 400 million individuals.

    Make contact detail collection for prospecting a breeze. Once you have built customer and buyer personas, use your credits to uncover verified emails, phone numbers and job history, for example, of your most sought-after potential leads.

  • 2. Reveal countless sales opportunities with Chatbot

    If your lead gen strategy solely relies on reps manually replying to prospects, you could be missing out on a lot of leads.

    LeadBooster’s Chatbot functionality qualifies more leads, schedules meetings in an instant and engages customers 24/7. Create simple pathways and custom fields to extract vital lead information. Your reps can deploy their follow-up strategy, knowing that they’re working with trusted data.

  • 3. Reroute warm leads from Chatbot to Live Chat

    Chatbot does a great job engaging website visitors and gauging purchase potential. However, some customers require more human lead nurturing to push them through your sales pipeline.

    Live Chat steps in when Chatbot can’t assist with a query or when the bot identities a high-value lead. Set up your Chatbot to route leads to Live Chat messaging based on your specified criteria and build customer relationships.

  • 4. Make data collection simple with Web Forms

    The more effective touchpoints you deploy across your organization, the more leads you’ll generate. Web forms are a highly efficient way to gather important information from potential customers.

    Web Forms are fully customizable, so you can focus on obtaining clear, relevant data for your business. Once your form template is complete, embed it on your website, post it across your social media channels, feature it in your email marketing campaigns and more. Marketers can also use this data to target leads with products and services they may like.

How we use LeadBooster to achieve a 30% conversion rate

Our very own sales team was missing out on sales opportunities. They were losing time manually entering details and answering misdirected support requests.

Since deploying Chatbot, the team can now respond to more leads quickly. Chatbot sends customers to the relevant support team, and now we have over 1,000 leads in our Leads Inbox.

“Implementing Chatbot has helped us to focus on calls and demos to customers during their free trial period and also avoid losing that opportunity.”

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Lead generation software FAQs

  • How do I generate leads in sales?

    There are several ways for salespeople to generate leads. One is to ensure you engage with new visitors on your website so their information can be captured through tools like chatbots, live chat and web forms.

    Another is to use lead-sourcing databases to search profiles for leads that fit your target audience persona.

    Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on gives you all these tools and more to maximize your ability to generate leads and fill your pipeline.

  • What is lead generation in marketing?

    Lead generation refers to the process of bringing new leads to the attention of your sales team and entering them into the sales pipeline.

    By using a combination of outbound and inbound marketing techniques, marketing agents can build trust and encourage leads to make themselves known to sales reps through tools like LeadBooster.

  • What is b2b lead generation?

    Business-to-business (b2b) lead generation is a method that focuses on the business sector, unlike business-to-customer (b2c) lead generation.

    B2b sales involve taking the time to understand how your business can provide solutions to everyday business pain points. The lead generation process is no different.

    By using Pipedrive’s LeadBooster, businesses can ensure that they generate high-quality leads that fit their ideal customer profile.

  • How to generate leads in real estate?

    There are many ways to effectively generate leads for real estate. Still, you’ll need to make sure your business has a solid marketing strategy to ensure leads think of your business when it comes time to buy and sell.

    By building a strong brand presence, maintaining good relationships with your leads and asking for testimonials from satisfied customers, you’ll be at the top of everyone’s list when the time comes to buy or sell

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