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Grow faster with personalized onboarding and ongoing strategic support

Drive great results from the very beginning of your journey with personalized services. Learn from the best on how to tailor Pipedrive to your unique business needs, increase efficiency and maximize revenue.

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pipedrive onboarding

What's included

Start with ease

Get first-class, one-on-one guidance on setting up Pipedrive for your business

Empower your team

Boost adoption by combining live training and independent learning

Build your plan for success

Design your action plan with your dedicated customer success manager*

Learn and optimize

Discover best practices and insights directly from our in-house customer success team*

My company benefited greatly from the onboarding help of our Customer Success Manager Janelle! She helped us in too many ways to list, but mostly helped us understand the Pipedrive system better and helped us clean up some of the unnecessary entry fields we had set up and also added a few that we didn't realize we needed until she showed us the benefits of them. The only regret I have is that I waited several weeks after we started using Pipedrive to set up our onboarding meetings with Janelle, I should have done it as soon as I started.
LALance AbercrombieRepair & Remodel Division Manager, Southern Exteriors
Our companies enjoy using Pipedrive for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, streamlining our sales process, our support process, and improving team collaboration. The platform's customizable features, and robust automation tools have significantly increased efficiency, allowing our team to focus on building meaningful customer relationships and closing deals more effectively.
SDSabrina DoucetteDirector of Network Operations, Effortless and Key Texting

Don’t miss a beat – get the most out of Pipedrive right from the start

Bypass headaches you might have when adopting a new CRM and start with confidence. Our personalized onboarding and strategic services will enable you to streamline your business processes and unlock sales success.

One-time onboarding

If you’re spending up to $399*

You’ll meet one-on-one with an onboarding specialist who will help you get onboarded successfully.

  • Learn best practices and strategies based on your business needs for optimal implementation
  • Get started with email*, calendar, contact sync and automations
Choose your plan
One-time Pipedrive onboarding
Extended Pipedrive onboarding

Extended onboarding

If you’re spending between $400 and $999*

You’ll get access to multiple one-on-one sessions with a customer success specialist to be completed during your first 45 days with Pipedrive.*

  • Unlock full CRM potential with 4 personalized onboarding sessions
  • Learn how to smoothly build your reports and dashboards
  • Review key account and user settings* to make sure you’re set up for sales success
Choose your plan

Personalized onboarding and long-term strategic planning

If you’re spending over $1000*

You’ll work with your dedicated customer success manager to create a customized onboarding plan to help you and your team achieve great results.*

  • Define onboarding goals and meeting cadence with your CSM
  • Get tips, product deep dives and learn best practices
  • Take advantage of personalized live training for your team and independent learning options
  • Receive ongoing strategic support to get the most out of Pipedrive
Choose your plan
Personalized Pipedrive onboarding

* For qualifying customers only, based on monthly recurring spend. If paying annually, monthly recurring spend is determined by annual recurring spend divided by 12. One-time onboarding calls are available only in English. If your Pipedrive account is managed by a Pipedrive partner, these services will be provided directly by the partner. If you’re looking for a Pipedrive partner, consult this page.

Have had a great experience with Pipedrive in our company of 700 employees. It has scaled along with our needs, and its product roadmap seems to always be a step ahead of our requirements. We evaluated Hubspot [equally feature-rich and configurable but quite a bit more expensive] and SFDC [way more expensive] and realised PD fits our purposes like a glove. The support and customer success services we have received have been par excellence, and in the end, that's what has kept us hooked on.
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ALAlex Lockwood
Bo (Prater) has made learning and onboarding to Pipedrive an excellent experience for me as the CRM Admin and my sales team. He's thorough and knowledgeable, and if he doesn't know the answer he's super resourceful in finding an answer/solution to my questions. Having Bo as a partner has made my job way easier and he's helped to make me look like a champion to my company
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LRLauren Ruth
Onboarding with pipedrive was amazing, I've never had such a great experience before with a software's sales and support team! Getting started with a new software is always a learning curve, but our sales rep Garrett and the customer support team, along with the great training videos, is making it easy to get going with pipedrive. What a refreshing way to learn a software!
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Fast-track onboarding and tailor Pipedrive to your unique business needs

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