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How Tiffany Largie Grew Her Business from Nothing to $2.5 million with Pipedrive

Tiffany Largie is a successful, experienced entrepreneur and a sought after business speaker and consultant. She has created three six-figure businesses, and a seven-figure business, before turning 30.

  • Client: Tiffany Largie
  • Industry: Door-to-door sales business /Event management, hardware and software provider
  • Location: North Carolina, USA
  • Number of employees: 30
  • Employees in sales: N/A
  • Integrations used: N/A

Quick facts

Tiffany Largie created a $2.5 million door-to-door sales business with Pipedrive’s help

She started as a sole trader and ended with employees in three different offices

She still uses Pipedrive to manage her speaking engagements, podcasts and interviews


CRM Requirements

As Tiffany started a brand new business from scratch, data and data management became important to her. Although she had a knack for real-world client management, when Tiffany started to build a team around her she discovered that many people lacked her organizational skills—which were being stretched.

"There was all this data all over the place," she said. “Not only could I not keep up with my own data management, I couldn’t keep up with the guys who were working for me. I knew we were leaving money on the table.”

“I started hunting for software, but I felt that all these engineers were building software that had great data, but if you really understand the mind of the salesperson they really didn’t work.” The experience left her at a loss, “It was too much to keep up with.”

It has a fun, sexy user interface that encourages you to move a prospect forward. The way Pipedrive visually looks, it’s smart. It smacks you in the face.

Tiffany LargieCEO, Largie Business Strategies


How Pipedrive helped

After coming across Pipedrive and testing head-to-head against Salesforce in her team, Tiffany says Pipedrive won by a “landslide”. Tiffany remembers her team was knocking on 40 doors a day each, managing between 150-300 outreaches a day. With Pipedrive, they could handle that data in real-time in a fashion that didn’t require a lot of data entry. The solution was equipping her salespeople with iPads with the Pipedrive app.

After that, Tiffany describes how her company did $2 million “out of nowhere” and Pipedrive became her “best friend”. The rest is history.

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Pipedrive features used

Pipeline interface, to visually track different deals and projects

Pipedrive mobile app, to help salespeople keep data up-to-date on the go

Contact management, to find revenue opportunities and track hundreds of outreaches per day

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