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How AI bees used Pipedrive to boost growth by over 2000%

AI bees helps companies of all sizes scale and grow by maximizing the potential of their clients’ key sales and marketing channels.

What sets them apart from the competition is they work on a 100% results-based contract.

By creating performance targets with their clients, they ensure they are worth their cost by filling sales pipelines and gaining market share for their customers.

  • Industry: Marketing
  • Location: San Francisco
  • Key feature/add-on: Integrations

To do this, the founders handpicked a team of the best growth marketers and software engineers to help them automate sales and marketing operations, research data to identify patterns, and build better products.

All these are done 100% based on performance. Performance-based implies that the provider takes on all the risks to help the client achieve their goals.


Growth since adopting Pipedrive

Starting with a strong foundation

As they set up their new company, the AI bees team knew that a powerful and affordable CRM tool would be a crucial part of growing their business.

They had worked with Pipedrive before, so it only took them a few minutes to get up and run. They knew that onboarding new sales reps would be a quick process as well!

When I look at some other tools, it’s so complicated to onboard someone because there are so many things to set up, and that is really a benefit for Pipedrive. It’s quick to onboard someone and to teach them what to do.

Brian Hadi AttarbashiCEO and Founder

When a new sales rep would join the company, it was very much easy to use, everyone would understand it, and that’s definitely one of the biggest benefits that I see.

Brian Hadi AttarbashiCEO and Founder

How Pipedrive helped boost growth

Over the last two years, AI bees has seen their staff increase by over 2000%, putting their hopes of Pipedrive’s easy adoption to the test.

With their rapidly expanding sales and business development teams using the software, new staff didn’t miss a beat, even as early as onboarding.

Pipedrive’s easy-to-understand interface and valuable features have meant new team members can jump straight in without wasting time learning needlessly complex workflows.

AI bees’ favorite features

As they’ve grown, AI bees have found Pipedrive’s vast ecosystem of integrations enormously helpful. By using apps built to work with Pipedrive’s API and Zapier to automate integrations, they’ve saved time and boosted efficiency.

Plus, Pipedrive’s deal management system has meant managers can easily pin important comments specific to each deal. This means reps are always in the loop about personalizing their approach to each client.

AI bees is always looking for ways to improve its services. The company is currently considering integrating its chatbot through Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on. By consolidating their software into Pipedrive, they’ll be able to bring customer information from their chatbot straight into their CRM.

We’re using some Google Sheets, so when we update them, Pipedrive gets updated too. The same goes with other third-party tools that we use; we just integrate anything related whenever we want to have information pushed into the CRM. It was an easy thing to do with Pipedrive; you have a lot of integrations.

Brian Hadi AttarbashiCEO and Founder

It’s very easy to move from one pipeline to another, and also being able to take notes that you can immediately see when you open the deal. With other platforms we’ve used, you can’t even pin the notes inside the description or the deal, and it’s really hard to scroll up and down to look for that specific information. That ease from Pipedrive, on my end, is very helpful for the sales team.

Jedaidah LimChief Customer Officer

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