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The best travel agency CRM software

Manage inbound inquiries, increase booking engagement and create custom travel itineraries. Pipedrive’s CRM software helps you deliver an exceptional customer experience that keeps travel agency clients coming back.

What is a travel agency CRM?

Travel CRM (customer relationship management) software enables you to meet your customers’ needs across the entire sales journey. Analyze marketing metrics, store communication history and share personalized travel insights on a single platform.

Generate valuable referrals with CRM software

Collect feedback from clients and optimize your tour or travel agency operations. Inject glowing social proof into your marketing channels and convert happy travelers into referral generators.

Use segments to reach out effectively

It’s essential to cater to your clients’ needs. A tour operator and travel agency CRM segments customers so you can design custom marketing campaigns and make appropriate suggestions.

Centralize multichannel travel agent communications

A CRM routes inbound travel inquiries and communications history from various platforms into an all-in-one hub. Meet your customers on the platforms they love most, all from your travel CRM system.

Place data at the heart of every decision

Create custom dashboards for different CRM travel sales metrics. Monitor the performance of individual prices and packages and adjust marketing and sales techniques accordingly.

Enhance travel agency workflows

Leave monotonous admin to automated bots. Assign tasks to tour operations staff, schedule meeting notifications and progress leads to the next level, all within your CRM system.

Engage clients every step of the way

Potential customers want to be supported with valuable insights throughout the booking journey. Use input from social media, landing pages and web forms to respond to online travel inquiries with a personal touch.

Why is a travel agency CRM solution critical for travel agents?

Travel businesses handle large volumes of customers with varying interests and preferences. Without a CRM system, your travel agents may struggle to deliver valuable information to your clients.

The best CRM for travel agency operators will build a reliable client database and simplify your customer support and communications.

Upgrade your lead management

It’s difficult to provide appropriate travel advice when your customer data is scattered across multiple departments.

Create a lead information hub with Pipedrive’s CRM system for travel agency and tour operators. Automatically log touchpoints, move leads along the pipeline and assign tasks to create a better booking engine experience for vacationers.

Delight travelers with Pipedrive

Create custom travel itineraries

If you can successfully enhance every aspect of your clients’ travel experience, your retention rates will benefit significantly.

As one of Pipedrive’s key features, custom fields allow you to import critical information about clients from your communications. Much like with a hospitality CRM, information about dietary restrictions, cultural preferences and pricing restrictions, for example, can be stored in your travel agency CRM and used to personalize itinerary templates.

Discover how Pipedrive nurtures customers

Automate workflows and finances

Delegate record updating to your CRM solution and focus your efforts on quality lead generation.

Pipedrive automates tedious busy work, feeds financial data into your accounting software and processes inbound invoices. Track progress in real time with visualized workflows and sales pipelines.

Experience Pipedrive’s automation

How SurfaWhile more than doubled their lead generation with Pipedrive

SurfaWhile relied on spreadsheets to manage their sales. The company was also unable to coordinate workflows across departments.

The surfing holiday provider integrated Pipedrive with its entire sales and marketing operation to centralize inbound inquiries and enhance the customer experience.

“We found Pipedrive to be the best option for us and we haven’t had any regrets.”

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How does travel CRM software work?

With the right travel agency CRM software, tour and travel companies can easily manage contact information, log communications from various channels and automate time-consuming business processes and tasks.

  • Attract leads and convert them into recurring travelers
  • Record booking inquiries at every channel and touchpoint
  • Track lead conversations and monitor sales funnel conversion rates
  • Create traveler personas with custom fields
  • Send personalized messaging (via built-in email and SMS communications) based on customer segments
  • Automate accounting and invoicing with seamless workflows
  • Store valuable data safely in the cloud
  • Create sales management reports with detailed analytics
  • Make critical decisions based on report data
  • Build pipelines for all your workflows, communications and outreach efforts

How to get started using your travel CRM system

  • 1. Create traveler segments with custom fields

    As a travel company or travel agency you must be capable of grouping customers based on buyer behavior, travel history and individual circumstances.

    When you set up Pipedrive, use custom fields to group clients into unique customer segments. Cater to specific details like religious preferences and health conditions and use segmentation to create a value-driven travel itinerary for every client.

  • 2. Route booking inquiries to your CRM software

    Your travel agents have a lot on their plates and manual data entry robs them of valuable selling opportunities.

    Pipedrive records every touchpoint across your channels. Integrate Live Chat history, Chatbot cases, email templates and Web Forms with your CRM so sales teams can log every customer interaction in one place.

  • 3. Use dashboards in your travel CRM system to monitor individual offerings

    With our insights and reporting features, you can create custom dashboards for every trip, destination and activity you provide.

    Want to separate work trip sales from holidays or wish to keep a watchful eye on your most recent offer? Pipedrive’s dashboards isolate the metrics you care about most.

  • 4. Drive customer retention with travel follow-ups

    Pipedrive’s workflow automation makes retention efforts a breeze. Follow up post-trip with travel newsletters and actively showcase your latest deals. Boost engagement, build lasting connections and encourage repeat bookings with positive contact management.

Integrate with all your travel agency and hospitality apps

Supercharge your workflows with our powerful travel agency CRM software. Use Pipedrive’s API to streamline your internal business operations and deliver an enhanced traveler experience with these essential integrations.


Take control of your time with a visualized day-to-day planner and a synchronized task management system.

Improve your time management with Pipedrive and Kara.ai.


Manage the entire sales cycle on one platform. Send travel contracts, share day trip brochures and collect e-signatures from eager vacationers.

Digitize the entire booking experience with PandaDoc.


Bolster your account management and plan your strategy. Import critical financial data to your tour operator CRM and forecast booking inquiries, sales and cash flow.

Keep your finances in check with Pipedrive and Dryrun.


Save your team from balancing several tools and tabs. Pipedrive’s travel services CRM integrates with Zapier, connecting you with over 3,000 apps and platforms in one central hub.

Access your tools easily with Zapier and Pipedrive.


Create a cloud-based portal for your customers. Generate deals, send quotes and manage online booking demand to streamline your travel agency’s operations.

Synchronize Pipedrive and Intellibook today.


Convert first-time callers into satisfied travelers. Log call activity, import contact information into Pipedrive and analyze important metrics to welcome new sales opportunities.

Identify your most successful lead generation campaigns with CallRoot.

Tour Operator and Travel Agency CRM FAQs

  • What is CRM for travel agents?

    Building and strengthening customer relationships is arguably the most important aspect of a travel agent’s role. Rather than wasting time and missing opportunities managing your relationships manually, travel agency CRM (customer relationship management) software makes it easy to collect, organize and access client information quickly and efficiently.

    A travel CRM solution does more than simply allow travel agents and tour operators to streamline their daily interactions, however. By letting you coordinate your entire operation from one central hub, it also helps to create outstanding customer journeys that optimize booking engagement. You can oversee your travel agency’s social channels, manage inbound inquiries, create custom itineraries and automate back-office functions – like financial data management, for example – from a single platform. Better still, with the right tour operator CRM, you can proactively target your marketing efforts, allowing you to generate more leads.

  • Why is CRM important in the travel industry?

    To drive sales and stay competitive, businesses in the travel industry must meet and manage their customers’ needs across the entire inquiry, booking and follow-up journey. Because a travel agency CRM lets you focus on traveler profiles and expectations more accurately, it helps you deliver an exceptional customer experience that’s more likely to bring in repeat bookings.

    It may be time to start using a CRM travel system if you’re struggling to manually manage your workflows, organize your record-keeping or update your customer data – or if you’re having trouble accessing or prioritizing sales leads. One of the biggest advantages of using a travel CRM like Pipedrive, for example, is that in addition to making your travel agents’ daily tasks and communications easier to handle, Pipedrive will streamline your email marketing campaigns through automation and support your strategic plans and decisions with data and report preparation.

Automate your workflows and provide great travel experiences today!