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The best CRM lead management software

Qualify promising leads, engage with prospects across touchpoints and discover limitless sales opportunities. Pipedrive’s CRM for lead managers streamlines the lead generation process and helps convert data into revenue.

What do lead managers need from a CRM?

Lead management CRM (customer relationship management) software empowers you to nurture leads into paying customers. Automate busywork, monitor multiple complex sales strategies and unify lead data in one platform.

Visualized processes

Your sales teams will perform best with clear objectives. Prioritize important leads and patch holes in your sales processes. Never miss an opportunity with an aerial overview of your entire operation.

Lead nurturing

Not every lead is ready to buy. Identify lukewarm leads and devise targeted nurture campaigns. Demonstrate value with tailored content and guide clients through your sales funnel.

Omnichannel communication

Forget about balancing multiple contact management tools. Acquire leads from multiple sources and import contact details into your sales pipeline. Empower reps to reach out with easy access to lead information.

Enhanced workflows

Delegate tedious admin to powerful automation processes. Assign sales tasks, schedule real-time meetings and oversee lead progression through your sales pipeline with a lead management system.

Contact segmentation

Group qualified leads and reach out accordingly. Use characteristics such as buyer behaviour, engagement level and communication history to create lead segments and devise powerful sales campaigns.

How Pipedrive helps lead managers efficiently manage sales leads

Growing businesses can become overwhelmed with inbound inquiries, especially as their products and services attract more attention. A lead management solution is crucial for sales managers trying to process and capitalize on prospect information.

The best CRM for lead management will help managers qualify new leads, delegate tasks and obtain a 360-degree view of sales operations.

Centralize contact information

Your salespeople will struggle to organize outreach strategies if their lead information is scattered across various CRM, lead management and data center tools.

Pipedrive provides a central hub of prospect and customer information. Import touchpoints, preferences and communication history across departments and quickly brief reps about their next target.

Easily handle lead information with Pipedrive

Make data-backed decisions

Build on your strategy and repair broken processes with broad and granular reports.

Monitor team performance and measure performance against KPIs with visualized dashboards. Observe deal wins and losses, identify your most efficient sales activities and predict growth with revenue forecasting features.

Enhance your operations with Pipedrive’s granular reporting

Streamline workflows and finances

Save your reps from manually updating records and give them time to focus on lead nurturing.

Pipedrive takes care of tedious admin, automatically moves leads and deals through your sales pipeline and manages your finances with accounting integrations.

Work smarter with Pipedrive

Nurture leads with a stellar customer experience

The way you engage leads makes all the difference when they’re ready to buy.

Use Pipedrive’s CRM system to organize lead segments by location, buyer behavior, touchpoints and communication history. Deploy tailored sales strategies and send personalized follow-up emails to keep your leads engaged and satisfied.

Nurture leads with Pipedrive

Ensure privacy and secure data use at all times

Lead managers need to make sure their business’s and clients’ data is kept safe and confidential.

Pipedrive’s security dashboard allows you to control all company data from one place. Gain complete visibility over log-ins, data downloads and unrecognized devices. Quickly shut down security risks with suspicious activity alerts and forced log-outs.

Protect your data with Pipedrive

What lead managers can achieve with an efficient CRM solution

With Pipedrive’s CRM lead management tool, you’re able to onboard new leads, organize and assign your sales teams and glean critical performance insights.

  • Capture leads and convert them into happy customers
  • Log customer information across various touchpoints
  • Track social media outreach efforts and analyze email marketing campaign data
  • Identify notable sources of leads and retarget lead generation efforts
  • Build pipelines for all your workflows, communications and outreach efforts
  • Create buyer personas using custom information fields
  • Determine your most valuable contacts with lead scoring
  • Centralize important documents and product information into one hub
  • Create automated accounting and payment workflows with integrations
  • Store valuable company data safely in the cloud
  • Send personalized messaging based on customer segments and purchase history
  • Generate performance reports fuelled by insightful analytics
  • Devise next-level strategies using accurate revenue forecasts

How to use your CRM to better manage leads

How Pipedrive and LeadBooster helped JuiceBar manage exceptional demand

EV charging providers, JuiceBar, were missing out on opportunities because of poor HTML contact forms. Growth director Jackson Haskell knew it was time to migrate their CRM from Salesforce.

Having used Pipedrive before, Jackson knew LeadBooster was the perfect CRM tool to capture more leads. So far, the Chatbot feature has nearly doubled conversions and Live Chat has produced several, valuable opportunities.

“Pipedrive has allowed us to massively scale our outbound activity with a minimal increase in admin work to support it.”

Read the case study

Capture leads and keep them happy with LeadBooster

Manually sourcing and nurturing new leads can be draining. Find and engage leads 24/7 with Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on.

Use Web Forms, Live Chat and customizable Chatbots to attract and interact with prospects across your channels. Automatically generate leads based on customer profiles with LeadBooster’s Prospector feature.

Turn conversations into conversions with Pipedrive and LeadBooster.

Declutter your pipeline with Leads Inbox

Keep your pre-qualified leads separate from active deals in a dedicated Pipedrive Leads Inbox. Focus on your warmest prospects without letting leads in the early stages fall out of your funnel.

Sort and filter your leads by activity status, creation date, source and more. Set up your Leads Inbox to suit your business needs with customizable labels and columns.

Keep your pipeline clean with Pipedrive’s Leads Inbox.

Reveal, filter and rank traffic with Web Visitors

See which companies are interacting with your website and reach out to them while interest is high. Pipedrive’s Web Visitors add-on helps you reveal and rank your hottest leads.

Use insights to understand your leads and customers’ behavior on your website. See what they’re browsing and rank them automatically by which pages they visited.

Discover more leads with Pipedrive’s Web Visitors add-on.

Integrate with your sales tech stack

Enhance your workflows with our revolutionary CRM for lead managers. Pair Pipedrive with your favorite communication and data organization tools for a truly optimized operation.

Here are some essential integrations for lead managers in large and small businesses.


Identify potential customers and deliver the highest quality leads to your CRM. Engage and convert leads with accurate prospect scoring and lightning-fast follow-up processes.

Fill your pipeline with quality leads using Ohmylead.


Generate, manage and nurture new leads. Wishpond provides managers with plenty of lead generation and supervision tools. Import credible leads to Pipedrive and organize them within your sales pipeline.

Gather data from multiple channels with Wishpond.


Divert calls to the relevant team members and analyze your inbound call metrics. Have lead cards on hand as soon as a call comes in and share contact notes and information across your team.

Simplify your phone calls with CallGear.


Centralize your meeting notes with Hugo. Collaborate on agendas, set objectives with meeting templates, sync notes to contacts in Pipedrive and optimize your meetings.

Transform your meetings with Pipedrive and Hugo.


Boost productivity with customized gamification. Create a motivated culture by combining data analytics with fun game elements. Align sales targets with gamified objectives and increase morale across the board.

Re-engage your staff with Pipedrive and Gamifier.


Harness the power of no-code with impactful contact forms and workflows. Track analytical performance field by field and recapture lost leads using data from abandoned forms.

Let no opportunity go unnoticed with MightyForms.

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