Track communications

Track calls, emails and contact history exactly where you need to and have full visibility and control of your schedule

Contact management

Grow an unlimited database of contacts and organizations, and see full timelines of contact activity history

  • Contacts

    Pipedrive keeps your contacts organized and holds them as “people” and “organizations”. Once added, people or organizations can be linked to deals as you go.

  • Import

    Import your contacts from spreadsheets and your previous CRM, or sync your Google or Microsoft contacts for even less legwork.

  • Contacts Timeline

    See a visual history of all your calls, emails and activities with any particular contact, making it even easier to check last conversations before following up.

Email inbox

Manage sales conversations from your preferred inbox and have emails automatically linked to deals and contacts

  • Email sync

    Use two-way email sync to send and receive emails from your work or Pipedrive inbox and see up-to-date information in both, or start with Smart Email BCC to sync emails one at a time.

  • Open and click tracking

    Get live notifications when your emails sent from Pipedrive are opened or links are clicked to follow up with the right pitch at the right time.

  • Templates

    Send more emails in less time while maintaining your personal touch. Choose from ready-made templates, or create your own, and use merge fields to auto-populate information.

  • Group email

    Conveniently send batches of emails to groups of people, like lead segments. Use customizable templates and merge fields to personalize messages, then set which users from your company can see them.

  • Email scheduling

    Send the right message at the right time

    Working with customers in different time zones? Send emails during your off-hours without connecting to work.


Make sales calls directly from the web for fast call tracking, recording and insights all in one place

  • Outbound calling

    Connect your phone number, then click a contact’s number directly in Pipedrive to call them. Hands-free calling means you can take notes, check details, and talk simultaneously.

  • Call logging

    Have your calls automatically logged as completed activities under deals, so you can see exactly when a prospect was contacted.

  • Call recording

    Double-check call recordings saved under deals from previous conversations, and if enabled by an admin, download them as audio files.


Set up meetings in one take by sharing your availability and letting your invitee book a time that works for you both

Activity calendar

See what's coming up in your schedule and manage activities to optimize your time

  • Calendar

    Check calendar view to see your activities day by day or as a to-do list and synchronize with Google, Outlook and other calendar providers to never be in the dark.

  • Sales activities

    Schedule calls, emails, and meetings with contacts, organizations, or deals. Track team or user KPIs to repeat winning patterns over time.

  • Reminders

    Get activity reminders via email, in your Pipedrive web app, mobile app, or any combination of the three and never forget a follow-up again.

Smart Docs

Centralize the entire documentation process with Smart Docs. Send trackable quotes, proposals and contracts from within Pipedrive and get notified upon their opening by the customer. Remove the Pipedrive logo from any document. Provide easy, immediate access to all team-shared documents and templates. Close deals faster with eSignatures.

  • Auto-fill docs with Pipedrive data

    Send quotes faster with less manual copy-pasting and fewer errors. Create document templates that automatically pull products from your catalog or information from any Pipedrive field.

  • Strike while the deal is hot

    Ever wish you could read your prospects’ minds? By sending live, trackable documents, you get notified whenever they’re opened. Follow up at the right time to lock in sales quickly.

  • Company-wide documents and templates sharing

    Provide easy, immediate access to all team-shared documents and templates.

    Track docs against deals in Pipedrive or storage drive* to evaluate their effectiveness and make improvements.

    *Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

  • Seal deals with eSignatures

    eSignatures lets your customers sign documents electronically without printing files or downloading plugins. By removing the hurdle of getting that final physical signature from a customer, you can close deals faster.

  • Remove Pipedrive logo from your team's documents

    Streamline deal closing by allowing your customer to open and sign your documents. Remove the Pipedrive logo to promote your business authority and remove friction.

  • PDF support

    Allow users to share PDF documents with their customers using a public sharing link that tracks when the document has been opened and requests digital signatures.

  • Google Sheets/Google Slides support

    Enhance Google Sheets and Google Slides with Smart Docs functionality: set up different templates; auto-populate templates/documents with Pipedrive data; generate documents from Sheets/Slides to share with customers using a tracking link and request eSignatures.

More features

Contacts map

See where your contacts are located with the Google Maps integration and filter them by city, state and country

File attachments

Attach files to emails, deals, contacts and inventory products

Customizable signatures

Leave the right impression with fully customizable email signatures

As a business owner, my favorite feature in Pipedrive is the statistics and being able to look at the dashboard and use those metrics to help each individual on the team.

Lisa CoyleCEO, 360 Payments

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