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Call tracking and insights

Make in-app sales calls

Stop switching between your phone and your CRM. Call contacts directly from Pipedrive with one of our trusted Marketplace integrations to keep all your sales communications in one place.

Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

Make sales phone calls from Pipedrive

There’s no time to lose when you’re handling high volumes of customers. Sales reps should spend less time searching and dialing and more time closing.

Calling right from your CRM helps your reps maintain a flowing pipeline of leads. With the web-to-mobile calling feature, you can transfer any number from your contacts list to your mobile phone and call them directly from Pipedrive.

Record and store calls

Missing out on crucial information can damage relationship-building efforts. Sales and marketing teams relying on bulleted notes alone can’t deliver the most effective personalized experience.

Turn back time to remember exactly what a client said with the built-in call recording features available in many of our integrations, like Kixie and Aircall. Access recordings associated with a deal, organization or contact person to double-check conversation details and study recordings to improve your sales techniques.

Automatic call tracker

Don’t let your sales efforts go to waste. Keeping a reliable record of all sales call activity can help reps avoid missed opportunities.

Use an integrated calling app to log in-app calls automatically as completed activities under the correct deals. See when a prospect was last contacted either by email, phone or in person.

Prioritize your sales activity

Help reps build and nurture relationships with top prospects. Access call data inside Pipedrive to prioritize your best calls and activities, so salespeople can focus their efforts on the right contacts.

Use call tracker data to organize deals by those most likely to close and line up the hottest lead calls with automated prioritization.

Give your reps lead-generation superpowers

Integrate Pipedrive with one or more of the many phone and call tracker solutions in our Marketplace to empower your team.

Plan smarter

Use call tracking to unlock vital insights that give you room to make better, more-informed decisions

Drive efficiency

Benefit from reports and call analytics that help you work out which calls are successful and identify room for improvement

Connect to the right person

Send inbound calls to the right sales reps with integrations that support intelligent call routing

Work together

Access everyone’s recorded calls and integrate with call-whispering tools, so support is always on hand

Remember their pain points

Browse call history for each lead to ensure you have the full context of their unique customer journey

Never lose a potential sale

Receive real-time alerts for inbound and missed calls so you can act before your leads call the competition

How to use phone call tracking insights to inform your sales strategy

Pipedrive’s call tracking system keeps all of your sales communications in one place. By syncing it with a calling app, you can turn it into a built-in virtual phone system. With a unified system, you'll see huge improvements to your team’s day-to-day sales activities and your wider strategic goals.

Say goodbye to guesswork and performance obstacles. Say hello to invaluable call data insights and workflow automation. Allow your reps to convert your sales pipeline like never before.

Individual coaching when and where it’s needed

Track call interaction data to understand how each rep is performing. Identify reps who can take on more responsibilities and areas where support is needed.

Build individual dashboards to see if reps are stalled at a particular deal stage or with a particular type of prospect. Integrate Pipedrive with real-time support tools to enable live call monitoring.

Team-wide visibility

Keep improving your sales activities with detailed analytics about your team’s performance. Analyze common sales call benchmarks, such as call duration, dials to closure ratios and percentage of contacted leads.

Customize your dashboards to quickly see how sales team metrics measure up against your company goals. Develop performance-driven teams and hit targets faster.

Provide a next-level customer experience

Nurturing prospective customer relationships is critical to sales and marketing efforts. With lead segmentation functionality, your reps and marketers can easily personalize their messaging strategies.

Use Pipedrive’s CRM integration to import and sort lead segments according to your business’s needs. Help marketing teams zero in on the benefits to customers and continually optimize their marketing campaigns.

Forecast revenue

Inform your next move with powerful sales data. Accurate sales and revenue forecasting helps business owners and sales managers plan ahead.

Analyze past trends and study busy sales periods. Lay the foundations of your strategy and sharpen business decision-making with your sales call tracking solution.

How call tracking integrations sync with Pipedrive

How AGT Engineering & Operations Services boosted their revenue by 161% with Pipedrive

Construction firm AGT Engineering & Operations Services knew they were missing sales opportunities. Before implementing Pipedrive, they were managing leads and deals with spreadsheets.

Now their sales and marketing teams are able to track information on the go, allowing them to attract more deals – and win them.

“Pipedrive was the most user-friendly CRM we came across; it adjusts to the needs of every user – the epitome of what ‘customize to your needs’ means.”

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