Smart Docs

The sales industry has evolved. Have your documents?

Centralize the entire documentation process by sending trackable quotes, proposals and contracts from within Pipedrive. Get notified when they are opened by a customer and request eSignatures from your clients to close deals faster.

Set up Smart Docs

*Available for Professional, Power and Enterprise plan users free of charge. Essential and Advanced plan customers can purchase Smart Docs add-on.

Auto-fill docs with Pipedrive data

Send quotes faster with less manual copy-pasting and fewer errors. Create document templates that automatically pull products from your catalog or information from any Pipedrive field.

Strike while the deal is hot

Ever wish you could read your prospects’ minds? By sending trackable documents, you get notified whenever they’re opened. Follow up at the right time to lock in sales quickly.

Company-wide documents and templates sharing*

Provide your team immediate access to vital documents and templates to ensure seamless collaboration.

Seal deals with eSignatures*

eSignatures lets your customers sign documents electronically without printing files or downloading plugins. By removing the hurdle of getting that final physical signature from a customer, you can close deals faster.

Remove Pipedrive’s logo from your team's documents*

Streamline deal closing by allowing your customer to open and sign your documents. Remove Pipedrive’s logo to promote your business’s identity and remove friction.

More features

Google Drive integration

Connect your Google account with Pipedrive to seamlessly access and edit any Google Drive file

Microsoft OneDrive integration

Connect your Microsoft account with Pipedrive to access files in your OneDrive or SharePoint cloud storage


Create quote tables that automatically populate deal-related product information in your documents

PDF support

Share PDF documents via a special link that tracks document opening and supports digital signatures

Google Sheets/Google Slides support

Use all Smart Docs features from Google Sheets or Google Slides

DocuSign integration

Connect DocuSign with Pipedrive to create envelopes from within Pipedrive

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