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Stop wasting time in your inbox

Pipedrive gives you two easy and time-saving ways to track email conversations: email sync and Smart Bcc. Plus, we connect your emails automatically to your contacts and deals, so you have a full overview of everything that's happening with a prospect in one place. As a result, you save time and improve sales and marketing productivity.

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Full email sync

Work where you feel comfortable, inside Pipedrive or from your email inbox

Smart Bcc

Import any email thread into your Pipedrive CRM inbox and automatically link to deals

Full control of your information

Manage who can see the emails you send and receive, as well as a full overview at a glance

Email templates

Draft quickly with customizable email templates or build your own from scratch

Transparent tracking

Get real-time open and click notifications so you can follow up quickly

Schedule emails to be sent later

Send the right message at the right time with Pipedrive’s email scheduling option

Increase performance with Sales Inbox

Pipedrive’s Sales Inbox includes cutting-edge features designed to save your salespeople time on daily tasks. You can track messages, customize email templates and fully sync your inbox to any major email account. You will also be able to send emails to your contacts directly from Pipedrive, which will then be synced back to your inbox.

Give your team sales superpowers with CRM email integrations

Email management is a crucial part of any business’ daily activities, but it can also be overwhelming. Disorganized emails can lead to knowledge silos, missed opportunities and poor sales performance.

Pipedrive integrates with your existing email client to sync, store and manage every message. Boost productivity with email automation and customized templates that help you repeat deal-winning campaigns. Access transparent tracking and detailed analytics functions to monitor and improve results.


Become a more effective salesperson

The right CRM email integration will help your sales reps grab the customer data they need when they need it most. Improve your efficiency to improve the customer experience.

Help your team pull up the information that can turn a prospect into a lead. See outgoing and incoming emails and how the deal progressed through your sales pipeline.


Boost productivity

Successfully integrating your email with your customer relationship management software reduces the amount of time it takes to conduct outreach and relationship-building activities that help you make the sale.

Use Smart Bcc to copy emails to Pipedrive, forward customer emails to keep deals up-to-date, or share emails for context.


Provide a high-level overview

Choosing a CRM with email integration allows sales managers and marketers to foster a culture of transparency, which leads to a more effective sales process.

Pipedrive is an accessible, all-in-one CRM solution that gives you a 360-degree overview of your emails and workflows, so everyone involved in the deal stays on the same page.

Foster team collaboration

Pipedrive’s email integration makes collaboration easier than ever with shared overviews of email threads all the way along the pipeline.

Forward emails from your inbox to your CRM

Let team members across sales and marketing work together on deals and share the load. Share emails with colleagues working on the same Pipedrive deal.

Keep track of follow-ups

See who has followed up on deals, what they said and when they said it. Share context, support on next steps or assign new sales reps thanks to email sync in Pipedrive.

Share top-performing templates between your team

Help your entire team benefit from winning emails with shareable templates. Anyone can access and tailor templates with their personal touch.

How one media company personalized their outreach at scale with Pipedrive and Mailigen

NJ Media had been using standard email broadcasts to attract new leads. The small team felt their outreach was lacking a personal touch.

Since syncing up Mailigen and Pipedrive to deliver trackable, tailored emails, they’ve been able to shorten the sales cycle from up to 40 days on average to just 11 days.

“Now I’m using Pipedrive, life without it would be hard.”

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How to get started with Pipedrive’s email integrations

Supercharge your outbound email campaigns and sales activity

The best CRM with email integration helps you manage all your outbound email campaigns and sales activity in one place. Warm up cold emails, speed up tasks and scale your communications within any email client.

Pipedrive integrates with the most popular tools, adding valuable functionality to your inbox to help you close more deals.


Send cold emails directly from your inbox

Use your email inbox to send and receive emails knowing that everything is synced and stored in Pipedrive.

Strengthen your cold emails with Pipedrive customer insights, personalization and customization options to improve engagement.


Create, test, optimize and send

Improve efficiency by using email templates. Create your own to fit your unique business goals or choose from ready-to-use options in Pipedrive.

Test different templates to discover which perform best and continually optimize them based on detailed analytics in your CRM. Once you have a fail-proof strategy, you can automate emails to send at key touchpoints.

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