Pipedrive’s Enterprise plan

Unlock your sales team’s full potential with Pipedrive Enterprise. Protect your data with top-notch security controls and customize your CRM without limits. Get a head start with custom onboarding and enjoy unmatched support every step of the way.

Full access. No credit card required.

Who’s it for?

We’ve tailored our Enterprise plan to large-scale businesses that want to make the most of their CRM. If you’re looking for limitless pipeline and team customization tools, extensive reporting features and maximum account security, Pipedrive Enterprise is the way to go.

What’s included

Instant security alerts

Keep your data secure with immediate alerts for suspicious account activity.

Maximum account protection

Add password security requirements, two-factor authentication and IP- and time-based access restrictions.

The ultimate Pipedrive experience

Gain unrestricted access to every feature and functionality that Pipedrive has to offer.

No feature usage limits

Create unlimited deals, custom fields, reports, teams, custom permissions sets, custom visibility groups and more.

Choose Enterprise if:

  • You want to enjoy Pipedrive without limits. Our Enterprise plan gives full access to all of Pipedrive’s features, including double the number of automations that Power offers (180 compared to 90) – so you can focus on closing deals.

  • You’re a large-scale company that needs a powerful and customizable sales tool. Manage large teams with unlimited custom permission sets and visibility groups and generate tailored reports to perfect your winning strategy.

  • You want ultimate peace of mind and unrivaled support. Schedule calls with our award-winning support team and enjoy custom onboarding to streamline your Pipedrive setup.

  • Security is a top priority for you. Pipedrive Enterprise offers the most security features of all our plans, ensuring your sales and marketing data stays protected.
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