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Consumer CRM software

Monitor and manage sales operations from a single location with Pipedrive’s consumer CRM software.

Increase customer satisfaction and retention by providing personalized buyer experiences at scale.

14-day trial. Zero cost. Full access. No credit card required.

Managing consumer experiences with CRM software

It’s difficult to deliver customer experiences that lead to loyalty and advocacy without fully understanding buyers’ needs, especially when your data is spread across various spreadsheets and databases.

Pipedrive’s cloud-based CRM centralizes lead and customer data to give you the clearest picture of your target audience.

Learn when and why consumers make buying decisions so you can maximize value at every touchpoint and convert leads faster.

Streamline your sales cycle with unified workflows

Disorganized customer data makes it harder to analyze your audience’s behavior and build engaging marketing campaigns.

The best CRM tools help you visualize your typical buyer’s journey, so your team knows what to do and when.

Pipedrive’s sales pipeline view is customizable. Add stages and activities to give marketing and sales teams easy-to-follow roadmaps for providing trust-building customer experiences.

Must-have features in your consumer CRM platform

A good CRM solution can transform your business by helping you attract valuable leads, build lasting relationships and streamline buyer journeys.

Here are six CRM features and add-ons that’ll align with your business needs, help you increase conversions and keep your customers coming back.

Must have

Build an audience and nurture new customers

Not delivering personalized buying experiences might push potential customers toward your competitors.

Pipedrive centralizes your customer information, giving salespeople and marketers the insight they need to recommend relevant products.

Stay on top of your inventory so customers are never disappointed by unavailable products and interact with them on the channels.


Drive customer loyalty with marketing automation

Neglecting existing customers in favor of new ones can slow growth. It’s more sustainable to turn first-time buyers into loyal followers.

Pipedrive’s automation features make it easy for ecommerce, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and other B2C brands to engage customers after conversion.

Trigger follow-up emails and recommend products using detailed customer insight. Create repeat sales opportunities by showing you can meet customers’ needs.

How Big Dog Solar increased revenue by 40% with Pipedrive

Big Dog Solar wanted to extract sales data to identify its most effective techniques and valuable lead sources.

Pipedrive’s insights and reports helped the team spot winning patterns they could repeat to gain more business, resulting in revenue growth of 40%.

“Pipedrive has been the keystone [of our growth] because it’s enabled us to keep track of everything from visibility and management but also add the sales reps and keep track of prospects a little better.”

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CRM integrations to empower sales and marketing teams

A consumer goods CRM that slots perfectly into your existing tech stack will give you the clearest, most consistent view of your sales processes and target audience.

Fuel your CRM strategy with consumer data from other sales, marketing and communication tools using integrations and add-ons from the Pipedrive Marketplace.


Discover, organize and nurture new leads without leaving Pipedrive using the LeadBooster add-on


Keep customer service staff, managers and stakeholders aligned with automated updates using Dealbot for Slack


Combine your CRM and accounting software to keep on top of your revenue and make invoicing a breeze with the QuickBooks integration


Connect live messenger apps to your CRM and interact with customers on their favorite platforms without leaving Pipedrive using the Charles app


Synchronize lead and customer data across Pipedrive and your favorite sales, marketing and communication platforms with the Zapier integration


Monitor, organize and address customer queries with the Zendesk ticketing system, and sync customer data with your CRM using the Zendesk app

Boost profitability through strategic customer relationship management