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The best CRM for business owners

Discover how a CRM can help your business increase lead generation, improve customer support and deliver insights that help you grow. Pipedrive’s CRM for business owners takes your organization to the next level.

What do business owners need from a CRM platform?

The best CRM software (customer relationship management software) for business owners drives sales with advanced CRM features that make workflows efficient, collaboration easy and contact management scalable. Pipedrive’s all-in-one CRM tool can help your business open up more opportunities for growth.

Improve customer retention

Build long-lasting relationships that lead to repeat sales thanks to personalized outreach, timely follow-up and more relevant marketing campaigns

Increase conversion rates

See how your customers are moving through your sales pipeline in real time and reach out with the right information at the right time

Organize your contacts and lead management

Easily store, search and update contacts in your unlimited database with automations that remove the need for manual entry

Streamline your reporting

Create customized reports and automatically share them with stakeholders across your business for live insights into goal progress

Develop your sales funnel

Design a unique pipeline to help keep your salespeople on track and give managers a clear overview of successes and bottlenecks

Scale your business

Increase workflow efficiency, sales funnel success and customer loyalty to help your business reach its potential year on year

How Pipedrive helps business owners manage their company more efficiently

Running your business involves many moving parts that only seem to multiply as you grow. You need an intuitive CRM for business owners that makes processes simpler and work more productive.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a scaling startup or run an enterprise-level company, Pipedrive supports teams across your organization. Help your sales reps visualize their priorities and progress, encourage your marketing team to target and automate high-converting campaigns and empower your customer service agents to stay on top of every communication.

Make meaningful decisions with in-depth business insights

Deep dive into analytics about your deals, revenue, sales activities and leads to gain insights that help you make meaningful business decisions.

Customize your report dashboards with the metrics that matter to your business, benchmark against others in your industry and monitor performance across your entire organization.

Learn about insights and reports with Pipedrive

Organize and scale your customer database

Collect, store, segment and manage all your customer information in one place. Use custom fields to differentiate between your clients and stakeholders with labels that make sense to your business.

Visualize where each customer sits in your pipeline and add on chat functions to help them get in touch.

Discover how to manage leads and deals with Pipedrive

Free up time from repetitive tasks

Let your CRM tools take over many of the mundane tasks necessary to keep your business running, such as data entry, email follow-ups and creating reports.

Spend more time on high-value tasks with automation functionality for tasks like importing contact information, updating deal stages and email marketing.

Learn more about Automations by Pipedrive

Build a fully transparent timeline of communications

Get a 360-degree view of every customer interaction your contacts have with your business to track their experience to date, gain context before follow-ups and identify hot leads.

Use the contacts timeline to visualize communication history and understand engagement with open and click tracking in email campaigns.

Stay connected and track communications with Pipedrive

Keep your business and customer data safe and secure

Have peace of mind that all the information in your CRM system is protected on a secure platform, ensuring you remain compliant.

Customize access to Pipedrive so only authorized people can view sensitive data and quickly identify possible security breaches before they happen.

Ensure your data is private and secure with Pipedrive

What business owners can achieve with a flexible CRM solution

What does CRM software do for a business? The right CRM for business owners streamlines your business processes so you can be more efficient, find and nurture more leads, provide an exceptional customer experience and boost your returns. Pipedrive helps you and your teams to:

  • Visually manage your contact and lead information in one powerful platform
  • Design a high-converting customer journey tailored to your business goals with unique CRM customization
  • Automate mundane tasks, like data entry and document sending, so you can spend more time building valuable relationships
  • Integrate with practical productivity, sales and marketing tools used across your business, like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and social media management platforms
  • Help your sales team prioritize their leads thanks to a transparent overview of conversion likelihood and a deep dive into their interactions
  • Tailor and target your marketing and product development with custom insights that help you learn about your customers
  • Help new hires get up to speed quickly with Pipedrive’s intuitive user interface
  • Access your data anywhere with Pipedrive’s Android and iOS mobile apps

How to use your CRM to manage teams better

  • 1. Set up your sales processes
  • 2. Assign and resolve incoming queries
  • 3. Set up workflow automations
  • 4. Connect your teams with collaborative tools

Integrate your sales tech stack

Take your CRM for business owners to the next level with powerful integrations, including hundreds of popular apps across all departments and industries. Keep using the tools you love without switching platforms and see everything updated in one place.

Here are some integrations and add-ons that every business owner can benefit from.


Reply to sales emails with the added context from your CRM without switching tabs. Link correspondence directly to deals and calendar schedules in Pipedrive.

Discover Pipedrive’s Gmail integration.


Improve your business efficiency with marketing and workflow automations. Zapier connects thousands of popular apps with your Pipedrive CRM.

Automate with Pipedrive’s Zapier integration.

Smart Docs

Create branded trackable documents. Smart Docs automatically populates documents with data from your personal CRM and makes it easy to share with your customers.

Overhaul your documentation with Pipedrive's Smart Docs.


Keep everyone on track with a collaborative task and pipeline management system. Attach CRM info to cards or create new cards based on Pipedrive events.

Organize with Pipedrive’s Trello integration.


Enhance your marketing automation with personalized emails that include dynamic imagery and video content. Keep recipients engaged and improve email conversions.

Reach out with Pipedrive’s lemlist integration.


Supercharge your analytics with Sherlock engagement metrics. Understand exactly how users and accounts use your SaaS products to help you build workflows based on qualified leads.

Find out about Pipedrive’s Sherlock integration.

Improve your team outcomes with the right CRM!