Activities and goals

Focus on the details

If your Pipeline view is your main event, or the big show, activities are what happen backstage: the lights, the rehearsals and the direction. The success of your show lies in giving attention to the details of who is actively doing what behind the scenes.

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Never miss an activity (unless you want to)

Using our scheduling tool, you can attach activities to deals and see your entire to-do list on one, easy-to-navigate page that syncs with Google Calendar. Activities can also be assigned to a contact person or organization based on your organizational preferences. To keep you on top of your activities, Pipedrive offers a “deal rotting” mini-feature to bring any neglected deals to your attention.

Take the actions that matter

An activity is anything that moves your deals toward closing. A phone call, a lunch, a meeting, an email or anything in between. As the Pipedrive mantra goes: You can’t control the outcome of deals, you can only control the actions that push deals to close.

Fully customizable activity types

Pipedrive will supply you with a preset list of activity types, but we know that every business is unique. This is why we allow you to create as many activities as you need and customize them to best fit your sales process.

Always see and know what’s coming next

Pipedrive is designed to reveal where action is needed within your pipeline. As a manager, you will be able to see your team members’ planned or overdue activities, so you’ll know whether it’s time for the carrot or the whip. The natural flow of our interface is founded upon action, as you’ll always be prompted to add the next activity as you complete those already scheduled.

Reminders and notifications

In your pipeline view, you can clearly see which deals have activities due, are overdue or have not been assigned. The activities view gives you deeper insight, and allows you to filter your to-do list by deal or contact. Want to get reminders sent to your inbox? We’ve got you. In addition, if you use our mobile app, you can get reminders sent directly to your mobile device.

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