Activities and goals

Focus on the details = close more deals

If your pipeline view is your main event, activities represent everything going on behind the scenes, including, for example, follow-up emails, phone calls and meetings. The success of your pipeline lies in paying attention to the details. More specifically, who is doing what to move the deal forward towards closing.

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Using our scheduling tool, you can attach activities to deals and see your entire to-do list on one easy-to-navigate page that syncs with Google and Microsoft calendars. Activities can also be assigned to a contact person or organization based on your organizational preferences. To keep you on top of your activities, Pipedrive offers a “deal rotting” feature to highlight neglected deals and remind you to take action before they go cold.

Take the actions that matter

An activity is anything that moves your deals towards closing. It could be a phone call, a lunch, a meeting, an email or anything in between. You can’t control the outcome of deals. You can only control the actions that push deals to close.

Fully customizable activity types

Pipedrive supplies you with a preset list of activity types, but we know that every business is unique. This is why we allow you to create as many activities as you need and customize them to best fit your sales process.

Always see and know what’s coming next

Pipedrive is designed to reveal where action is needed within your pipeline. As a manager, you can see your team members’ planned or overdue activities, so you know where each one stands and can help them step up their game. The natural flow of our interface is founded on action, so you’ll always be prompted to add the next activity as you complete those already scheduled.

Reminders and notifications

In your pipeline view, you can clearly see which deals have activities due, are overdue or have not been assigned. The activities view provides you with deeper insight and allows you to filter your to-do list by deal or contact. Want to get reminders sent to your inbox? No problem! In addition, you can use our mobile app to get reminders sent directly to your mobile device.

Give your reps the guidance they need to succeed

Activity tracking is a helpful way to make sure your reps have what they need to sell effectively.

You can use your CRM to set goals and keep an eye on your team’s performance. Assign greater responsibility to star performers and curate tailored training for employees falling short of the mark.

Get started with these popular CRM goals

Pipedrive’s CRM allows managers and reps to track progress towards sales activity goals. Keep an eye on performance across the board and tighten up your sales funnel with real-time reports and metrics.

Create activity and goal automations

Pipedrive’s powerful workflow automations streamline your processes so you can hit your activity goals.

Take, for example, the common scenario of importing a new lead. Pipedrive can automatically build a new deal when a contact is added and create activities as they move through the pipeline.

When your leads complete a task, Pipedrive can send a personalized follow-up email to nurture that relationship and keep them warm.

How to create more effective sales funnels with CRM goals

Sales activity goals help managers create the ultimate sales funnel. Set monthly, weekly and even daily goals for your reps to target. Keep an eye on how your team is performing and monitor important sales metrics.

Customer retention

Quickly identify loyal customers

Sales conversion rates

See how successful your reps are

Shorter sales cycles

Aim for lightning-fast customer journeys

Customer acquisition costs

Measure revenue against investment

How Social Burro tripled their year-on-year revenue

Social media consulting company Social Burro Inc. needed an easy solution that would help a small team stay organized, save time and simplify the sales process.

Founder Frank Kecseti used Pipedrive’s easy customization tools to create a pipeline that shows him the state of his deals at a glance, and he has tripled his revenue as a result.

“This year, we’re set to triple our revenue, and truthfully I could not manage that without Pipedrive.”

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Tailor your CRM with our powerful customizations

When closing deals with Pipedrive, you’re in control. Take advantage of our customizations and integrations to create a CRM unique to your business.

Add custom fields to your various sales pipeline stages and switch off features you don’t need so your reps can focus. Access our open API and integrate with other tools in your tech stack.

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