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The best CRM for sales managers

Drive performance with strategy-fueled sales pipelines and workflow automation. Pipedrive’s CRM for sales managers helps teams be more productive so they can hit their targets and set their sights on bigger goals.

What do sales managers need from a CRM?

Customer relationship management tools (CRM) for sales managers streamline your day-to-day processes, freeing more time for reps to build relationships and close deals. Automate manual tasks, focus team members on activities and keep an eye on performance with Pipedrive.

Are you a sales rep? Learn how a CRM for salespeople can help you reach your targets.

Prioritize high-value tasks

Know which deals and activities to focus on. See ongoing deals arranged by likely close date and prioritize your team’s sales activities.

Monitor your team’s performance

Monitor business-specific metrics to see how your team is tracking towards their targets. Analyze conversion rates, revenue-per-call and more.

Gain full visibility

Create a visual pipeline as unique as your business. Stay organized and in control of the sales process with a customizable sales cycle.

Unify communications

Enable your sales reps to deliver a personalized experience. Import communications history from multiple channels, such as social media, web forms and chatbots.

Make data-driven decisions

Get insights about your reps’, leads, customers’ and products’ performances. Reveal the winning strategies and make decisions with data behind you.

Automate your workflows

Save time and improve your team’s productivity by automating repeated, manual tasks. Send follow-up emails, update deal stages, transfer ownership and more.

How Pipedrive helps sales managers manage high-velocity sales teams

The best CRMs for sales managers go beyond tracking and managing their leads. When managing a high-velocity sales team, sales managers need a tool that optimizes the overall sales process with maximum efficiency and output.

Pipedrive helps your sales team reach their goals by prioritizing the most valuable opportunities and streamlining task management. Improve your team’s productivity and close more deals.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Divide Pipedrive users into teams and set unique goals. Track performance-based metrics in customized dashboards to celebrate successes and identify areas of support.

Compile your findings into customized reports. See what’s working well and where to correct course quickly.

Track performance with Pipedrive

Automate workflows and finances

Help your team spend less time on manual data entry, like updating records, and more time converting leads into customers.

Pipedrive automates productivity-killing admin, manages your finances with accounting integrations and oversees your inventory tracking with real-time sales and stock updates.

Learn about Pipedrive's Automations

Manage your leads and contacts

It’s difficult to create a well-informed sales strategy when your customer and lead data is siloed in various departments and channels.

The best CRM for sales managers organizes your prospect and customer information into a centralized hub. Import data from all touchpoints to give reps the context they need to deliver a winning sales pitch.

Organize lead data with Pipedrive

Help your teams sell remotely

Give your reps access to centralized data on the go with Pipedrive’s Android and iOS mobile apps.

Help reps stay on top of sales while working away from the office with a focused view of activities. Give them a complete overview of each deal with the ability to update information and even send documents from Pipedrive’s CRM on their mobile.

Sell from anywhere with Pipedrive

Upgrade the customer experience

Implement tailored sales strategies and send personalized emails to retarget customers with future offers.

Use Pipedrive’s CRM software to organize lead segments based on criteria that fits your business needs, like location, buyer behavior, touchpoints and communication history. Collect data for your marketing team and use it to upsell existing customers.

Retain customers with Pipedrive

What a sales manager can achieve with a flexible CRM solution

A flexible CRM solution for sales managers allows you to optimize your existing sales strategy to reach sales targets and grow the company’s bottom line. As your company and teams grow, your Pipedrive CRM grows with you.

With a flexible CRM solution, you can:

  • Build custom visual pipelines to mirror your unique sales processes
  • Convert leads into recurring buyers with lead segmentation and personalized communication
  • Unify lead information from various touchpoints in a central location
  • Monitor and analyze outreach efforts across all channels, such as website contact forms, chatbots and social media
  • Train your new salespeople quickly with script templates and notes assigned to deal stages
  • Create automated accounting and payment workflows with powerful integrations
  • Stay compliant with client and company data stored safely in the cloud and protect privacy with advanced security features, like two-factor authentication
  • Share focused reports and devise next-level strategies with detailed analytics and insights
  • Automate deal stage activity, task notifications and reports to ensure your sales team stays on track

How 360 Payments increased new accounts by 26% with Pipedrive

Payment solution provider 360 Payments scaled quickly. As a new startup, they needed a CRM to grow with them so they wouldn’t miss out on deals.

Using Pipedrive’s powerful reporting tools and real-time dashboards feature, Lisa from 360 Payments was able to align her sales team by prioritizing their tasks to improve team performance and close more deals.

“My favorite part is the simplicity of putting the data in and using the activity views to structure days and weeks.”

Read the case study

How to use your CRM to manage teams and make data-driven decisions

Integrate with your sales tech stack

Enhance your sales process by getting rid of the inefficiencies that come with switching between tools. Pipedrive integrates seamlessly with your existing sales stack.

Here are some of the top integrations for sales managers:


Improve your team’s productivity. Connect thousands of tools with Pipedrive so you never have to switch tabs again.

Connect your tools using Pipedrive’s Zapier integration.

Smart Docs

Make it easy to prepare and sign proposals, contracts and quotes. Auto-fill documents with Pipedrive’s information and get notified when leads view and sign.

Explore Pipedrive’s Smart Docs feature.

Web Visitors

Track what your visitors are doing on your website and drop the company information into your CRM. Identify fresh opportunities while they’re hot.

Learn about Pipedrive’s Web Visitors add-on.


Keep all your team’s communication in one place and avoid missing information over long email threads. Share relevant documents and provide important team updates without having to attend meetings.

Connect with your sales reps using Pipedrive’s Slack integration.


Use lemlist’s email templates to send customer-pleasing communications with personalized images and videos. Set up email automation and add them to your workflow.

Personalize your outreach with Pipedrive’s lemlist integration.

Dear Lucy

Boost your analytics with a superpowered reporting dashboard. Dear Lucy is a sales management solution that generates critical sales metrics, pipeline management and revenue forecasting.

Supercharge your sales processes with Dear Lucy.

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