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CRM for financial advisors

Effective CRM for financial advisors helps you organize your prospective and current client data while finding opportunities to go above and beyond their expectations.

Pipedrive transforms your contact management with customized dashboards, intelligent insights and automated workflows.

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What is a CRM for financial advisors?

Customer relationship management software (CRM) helps financial advisors and banking industry professionals streamline operations and build strong, profitable client relationships.

A CRM for financial advisors makes it easy to access data, extract personalized insights and track every interaction in one place. Know what your clients need and when they need it so you can deliver bespoke services that inspire repeat business.

Improve lead management

Automatically import and organize lead data from web forms, spreadsheets, phone calls and more

Measure business performance

Access valuable insights to understand how your firm is performing across departments

Enhance upsell opportunities

Use transaction patterns and activity tracking to discover more products and services that may interest your clients

Track customer journeys

Get a holistic view of how your customers are moving through your pipelines to see where you can boost retention

Improve staff productivity

Streamline your workflows and automatically manage calendars, task assignments and data storage for increased team productivity

Increase data access

Connect all your data within one comprehensive banking CRM system that removes information silos and tool-switching fatigue

Why Pipedrive is the best CRM software for financial advisors

In the heavily regulated and competitive finance industry, customer retention and total legal compliance are crucial.

Pipedrive’s key features help you stay on top of developing client relationships with experience-enhancing tools and a robust, secure organization.

Workflow automation

Automate mundane admin to shorten your sales cycle and make time for providing personalized customer experiences.

Pipeline management

Customize deal stages in your financial CRM software and optimize as you grow. Analyze the conversion rates of each deal to see where you can improve.

Contact timeline

Visualize your activity history with every client. Any representative can easily check the context of past conversations before following up.

Security and privacy

Consolidate client data into a secure, centralized hub. Enable two-factor authentication and monitor suspect access attempts in real time from your Pipedrive security dashboard.

Insights and reports

Master key metrics through visually appealing charts and reports to gain a clear view of your leads, new clients and loyal customers.

Powerful integrations

Build the best CRM for financial advisors using powerful apps, add-ons and integrations. Synchronize data across platforms for ultimate consistency and clarity.

How can a CRM help you provide better financial services?

The best financial advisor CRM software will empower you and your business to deliver superior, personalized experiences throughout your clients’ journeys. From filing tax returns and investing to taking out mortgages, Pipedrive helps you manage it all.

A great CRM enables financial advisors to:

Protect your clients and build trust with privacy and security CRM features

Financial services businesses need to record and store client data securely. Misplacing, losing or leaving data unprotected can lead to heavy fines, hurt your company’s reputation and damage your bottom line.

Pipedrive uses multiple security certificates, world-class infrastructure and a host of other CRM security and privacy features to keep financial data safe and your business compliant.

Use measures like single sign-on, two-factor authentication, secure document management and user permissions to control who can access your data and when.

Find out how to stay secure with Pipedrive

Supercharge your financial services CRM software with integrations and add-ons

Integrate your CRM with the right tools to optimize your processes and make all your customer interactions more valuable. Simplify task management, personalize your messages, automate repetitive tasks and streamline your workflows.

Here are some integrations that every financial advisor can benefit from.


Take a community approach by making calls and sending text messages from local numbers in more than 90 countries. Automatically log and record every interaction for easy reference.

Stay connected with Pipedrive’s Kixie integration.


Send emails containing personalized images and videos to hundreds of recipients with just one click. Use automation to tailor every message to your unique customers’ needs.

Discover Pipedrive’s lemlist integration.


Automate the repetitive tasks in your sales process, so your salesforce can focus on closing more deals. Klenty keeps leads warm and moving through your pipeline.

Close more deals with Pipedrive’s Klenty integration.


Keep your goals and KPIs front of mind with real-time dashboards the whole team can see. Plecto helps you boost productivity by motivating your staff with visualized progress.

Learn about Pipedrive’s Plecto integration.


Connect with one of the most popular and powerful financial tools out there through Pipedrive. Xero helps you simplify and automate invoicing, expenses and cash flow.

Find out about Pipedrive’s Xero integration.


Streamline every aspect of your financial business, including customer support, HR and marketing. Keep every team on track with a powerful project management system.

Connect your teams with Pipedrive’s Asana integration.

How 360 Payments increased net income by 298% in two years using Pipedrive

360 Payments’ success is built on solid, lasting customer relationships. As the business grew, it needed a way to centralize client information and keep team members aligned with account holders’ needs.

Pipedrive’s activity calendar helped the company prioritize workloads and manage time efficiently. With Pipedrive’s help, 360 Payments was able to grow its net income by 298% in two years.

“I am obsessed with the activity customization, statistics and the dashboards because the salesperson never has to send any reports, they are in real time, and the data is beyond accurate.”

Lisa Coyle, Co-CEO of 360 Payments

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360 Payments

Financial CRM FAQs

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