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The best CRM for business operations

Adopt a CRM for your business to align strategy and operations, simplify processes and boost productivity. Pipedrive helps large and small businesses streamline their marketing campaigns, sales activities and data analytics to deliver a superior customer experience.

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CRM for Business Operations

What do businesses need from a CRM?

The right customer relationship management tool (CRM) for services and business processes helps you improve operations with easy scheduling, automated sales and marketing functionality, targeted communication, performance insights and lead management.

Streamline your business processes

Use automation to link the separate parts of your business in a centralized system that sets you up for growth

Enhance your marketing activities

Store qualified leads, automate personalized communications and adjust marketing spend based on interaction insights

Improve internal collaboration

Open up communication between your sales reps and marketing teams so they can target and convert more valuable leads

Track performance across your business

Deep dive into your data to discover how fast deals are closing, where marketing efforts are stalling and which strategies work best

Increase cross-selling opportunities

Help sales and marketing teams find opportunities to upsell thanks to access to detailed purchase and communications history

Maximize your return on investment

Bring in more revenue with a scalable CRM for business operations that optimizes your sales process and reduces time wastage

How Pipedrive helps businesses streamline their operations

When sales and marketing teams operate in silos, it’s easy to miss opportunities and your customer experience suffers. To avoid missing out on chances to make a sale, help your teams share knowledge and access insights quickly.

Pipedrive’s CRM for business operations gives your people a centralized hub of customer information with automated workflows, so you can run more efficiently and enhance your customer relationships.

Smart reporting

Automatically visualize your data in interactive dashboards and customized reports. Set goals and monitor your teams’ progress with real-time metrics that are important to your business strategy.

Easily identify the winning patterns and bottlenecks in your performance by filtering, grouping and overseeing all your activities. You can even customize and automate report sharing to deliver focused information to the right people.

Learn about insights and reports with Pipedrive

Easy lead segmentation

Group your potential customers into meaningful segments to personalize your marketing and sales outreach and improve your organization’s chances of closing deals.

Create unlimited custom fields to gather and organize the customer data your teams need and get as specific as you like. Customize workflows to suit your business across teams, products and locations.

Discover how to manage leads and deals with Pipedrive

Automatic follow-up

Help sales and marketing teams follow up with automated emails. Use the pre-built templates to design emails that send as customers move to new stages along your sales pipeline. Keep your leads warm and improve customer retention while your people focus on higher-priority tasks.

Set up in-app, email or mobile notifications so your salespeople know when it’s time to reach out in person. You’ll even receive AI-powered tips to increase efficiency even further and boost your results.

Find out about how to automate with Pipedrive

Better contact management

Import, sync and grow your database with unlimited contacts. Get a 360-degree overview of every customer’s communication history thanks to Pipedrive’s visual contacts timeline.

Tag “people”, “organizations” or choose your own labels and your teams can link them to deals as you go. Track how leads interact with your emails and help your marketing department optimise their outreach.

Stay connected and track communications with Pipedrive

Trustworthy security features

Get total transparency and peace of mind on how, when and by who your business data is being used. Your operational CRM software allows you to control your security in real time from one source.

Customize automation rules to secure your business, such as time-restricting access and permission for certain IP addresses, to ensure your security and data protection is watertight.

Ensure your data is private and secure with Pipedrive

What businesses can achieve with a flexible CRM solution

Improve your operations with a CRM for business process flows. Experience smart automation options, detailed analytics and optimized opportunities to support customer interactions.

A good CRM for business allows you and your teams to:

  • Build a custom pipeline to fit your unique sales process and focus teams only on what they need by switching off unneeded features
  • Record notes and information about purchase history, communication timelines and customer value for every contact
  • Integrate with popular apps used across your industry to run smoothly and avoid tool switching
  • Build workflow and marketing automations to increase efficiency and productivity across all your teams
  • Automate data entry, document sending, SMS updates and Slack notifications to ensure salespeople and marketing teams are on the same page
  • Track email activity, including opens and clicks, to see how your leads and customers are engaging with your business and optimise processes

How to use your CRM software to align teams and make data-driven decisions

  • 1. Set up your processes for new customers
  • 2. Assign tasks and always hit your deadlines
  • 3. Connect online contact forms to your CRM system
  • 4. Make data-driven decisions with analytics

Integrate with your sales tech stack

Choose the right integrations to supercharge your business operations and streamline productivity. Give your sales and marketing teams the power to collaborate and deliver a better customer experience across the customer lifecycle.

Here are some integrations that every business with a CRM can benefit from.

Dear Lucy

Visualize your sales performance and gain a clear understanding of what to focus on. Reach your goals through the most popular metrics.

Boost performance with Pipedrive’s Dear Lucy integration.


Analyze and mass-edit your data while building the best routes within your CRM. Automatically assign records and visually draw your territories with Mapsly.

Map your CRM with Pipedrive’s Mapsly integration.


Unclog inboxes with automatic Slack notifications. With Dealbot for Slack your sales team can quickly and easily update managers on deal progress.

Stay updated with Pipedrive’s Slack integration.


Import your LinkedIn prospect information directly to your CRM with one click. Sync profile notes with your Pipedrive contact accounts to help you create a wider contact pool.

Connect with Pipedrive’s Surfe integration.


Connect your team across email, SMS, social media inboxes and CRM deals from one centralized platform. Chat, share attachments and assign tasks right from your inbox.

Collaborate with Pipedrive’s Missive integration.


Combine two of the most powerful management tools and help your salespeople cooperate smoothly. With Asana, you can automatically assign tasks and save time.

Streamline with Pipedrive’s Asana integration.

Build efficient business operations systems today