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Sales order management

Streamline your sales order management process

In sales, structured workflows and order fulfillment are inseparable. Managing sales order processes without a structured solution might lead to delays, errors and unhappy customers.

Luckily, you can avoid these pains and deliver seamless customer experiences using an end-to-end sales order management solution.

Pipedrive’s all-in-one CRM and document management add-on Smart Docs sync with sales order management systems, so you can send documents faster, reduce human errors and track customer actions in real time.

14-day trial. Zero cost. Full access. No credit card required.

Sales order management







What to look for

What to look for in sales order management software

B2C and B2B sales order management software combine your CRM data and document templates, helping you fulfill orders quickly and track everything you need in real time. Key features this software should offer include:

  • Customizable templates: Create sales orders, invoices and order acknowledgments that reflect your business.

  • Sales and order tracking: Track sale progress before and after conversion to enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Communication history: View your complete sales history and get order information quickly.

  • Email automation: Put order confirmations, shipping notifications and follow-ups on autopilot and focus on closing your next big deal.

Maintain full-funnel visibility

Segregated sales tools often lead to errors and longer processing times, resulting in dissatisfied customers and frustrated sales managers.

A single, integrated system for your order management process helps efficiently manage your buyer journeys.

Keep your sales pipeline clean and get 360-degree activity visibility with Pipedrive’s centralized sales CRM dashboard.

Smart docs

Create tailored sales order forms

Customers need consistency across their interactions with your brand. Failing to provide a cohesive experience might seem unprofessional and lead to missed opportunities.

Branded sales order forms are designed to reflect your brand’s identity and delight your customers.

Match your company’s style and impress customers with Pipedrive’s Smart Docs templates.

Populate and link your sales orders directly in your CRM

Manual data and order entry wastes time and could lead to human errors.

Auto-fill documents with Pipedrive data and speed up your sales document creation.

Populate forms with your catalog and grab contact information right from Pipedrive’s CRM with Smart Docs auto-fill.

Auto fill

Smart Docs add-on

Centralize the entire documentation process by sending trackable quotes, proposals and contracts from within Pipedrive. Get notified when they are opened by a customer and request eSignatures from your clients to close deals faster. Use the tools your team loves, like Google Docs/Slides/Sheets or MS Docs, or upload PDFs. Set up company-wide template sharing, remove the Pipedrive logo.

Autofill documents with Pipedrive data

Integrate with Google Docs, Slides, Sheets or MS Docs

Track open documents in real time

Request eSignatures

Set up shared templates

Remove the Pipedrive logo

Integrate DocuSign

Autofill documents with Pipedrive data

Integrate with Google Docs, Slides, Sheets or MS Docs

Track open documents in real time

Request eSignatures

Set up shared templates

Remove the Pipedrive logo

Integrate DocuSign

Starting from


per company per month, billed annually if added to an Essential or Advanced plan subscription
or $39 per company per month, billed monthly if added to an Essential or Advanced subscription

Smart Docs add-on is free with a Professional, Power or Enterprise subscription

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Smart docs

Optimize your sales processes with key integrations

Integrations help you unleash the full power of your sales management CRM. Check out Pipedrive’s Marketplace and browse through hundreds of apps designed to enhance your business processes.

Here are some key apps to enhance your sales management system today:

Google Drive

Maximize productivity with instant access to your Google Drive files in Pipedrive. Create, edit and store sales order forms with the Google Drive integration.


Send documents to multiple people and get notified when they’re opened and signed. Send uniquely identified docs with the DocuSign integration.


Streamline your customer payments by integrating your CRM with Xero. Create, approve and send invoices to your Pipedrive customers with the Xero integration.


Remove duplicate Pipedrive contacts without the risk. Optimize your contacts and ensure accurate reporting with the Dedupely integration.


Seamlessly integrate Pipedrive with other apps to automate manual processes. Stop switching between apps and focus on important work with the Zapier integration.

WhatsApp by Twilio

Manage conversations with customers directly from the Pipedrive messaging inbox. Simplify follow-ups and easily track conversations with WhatsApp by Twilio.

How Redlist used Pipedrive to streamline its document processes

Redlist’s proposal design process used to take several hours per document.

With Pipedrive’s Smart Docs add-on, Redlist standardized the process with easy-to-build templates. The time to draft proposals dropped to under 15 minutes and resulted in an over 200% increase in revenue.

“Doing it the old way was prone to errors. With Smart Docs, I can just build the details we need, and I don’t have to worry about my salespeople mistyping something.”

Read the full case study

Redlist Case Study

Sales order management FAQs

Improve customer interactions with Pipedrive’s sales order management software integrations