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Retail CRM software

Pipedrive’s retail CRM software empowers you to easily oversee and manage your sales operations. Increase customer retention by providing an immaculate buyer experience, all while optimizing your retail sales.

What is a retail CRM?

Customer relationship management, or CRM, in retail enables your business to unify important data into one user-friendly hub. Supercharge your marketing efforts with personalized messaging designed to drive repeat sales and create loyal customers.

Use data to drive success

Harness granular reporting to achieve a transparent view of your retail business. Use insights to make informed decisions pivotal to your company’s success.

Simplify your sales processes

Create workflows catered to your operations. Automate busywork, collect and relay important data to your CRM and keep customers engaged with automatic follow-ups.

Utilize third-party integration

Connect your CRM to the platforms you use most like Slack, Google Drive and Mailchimp. Sync sales information from your POS to your accounting software and launch email marketing campaigns straight from your CRM.

Automate your order management

Centralize all order data into your CRM and distribute accordingly. Supervise order activity and log customer history to optimize communication and drive repeat sales.

Target your audience

Gather valuable data like customer preferences and demographics. Tailor marketing efforts and personalize emails to fill up your sales pipeline with hot leads.

Generate loyal customers

Beat the competition by providing fast and effective service. Keep on top of inventory so your customers are never disappointed, and engage with them on the platforms they frequent most.

How retail CRM software can help you retain more customers

Customer retention rates in retail average at 63%. This means that retailers are struggling to engage with over a third of their customers effectively post-purchase.

Your customers want to feel valued and looked after. Without a well-oiled consumer CRM, you’re likely to confuse and delay orders, neglect customer queries and fail to nurture buyers at every touchpoint.

Deploy the best CRM in retail to streamline your order management, keep on top of inquiries and delight customers from initial contact to closing your first sale (and beyond).

Design efficient workflows

The retail sales process can be complex, making customer interactions difficult to keep track of. Disorganization can cause you to miss important action points (like follow-ups), leaving customers ready to seek out a more tailored service from competitors.

Pipedrive’s consumer CRM reminds you to schedule new activities, such as personalized messages, and automatically follows up with buyers who have engaged with your platform.

Keep hold of your customers with Pipedrive’s automated workflows

Create a seamless order management system

Failing to unify management systems across departments leads to operational disasters. Disorderly data makes it difficult to create exciting buyer journeys and craft profitable marketing assets.

The best retail CRM provides a true north star for all customer and order analytics. House a valuable record of customer behavior and communications to make informed decisions when converting your leads into loyal customers.

Explore how Pipedrive will help you attract and retain customers

Set insight-driven goals and track results

Without valid methods to target and reach your audience, your business will run into bottlenecks.

Pipedrive gathers and displays data on easy-to-read, customizable reports. Track progress, set store-wide goals and reveal winning patterns to identify and engage with your ideal customers.

Discover how Pipedrive uses insights to drive your success

What to look for in a retail CRM solution

Retail businesses, especially SMEs, require specific features when incorporating retail CRM software into their operations. Here’s what to seek out in a CRM for your retail business:


Your business may be subject to growth and expansion as you increase your offering or open new branches. A good consumer CRM will work and scale alongside your development without letting leads and workflows fall behind.

Customer segmentation

Identifying and reaching your target audience is essential for your retail business’ success. The best CRM for retail will enable you to segment your customers using custom variables.

Data accessibility

An efficient CRM will provide searchable databases, making it easy to filter and locate data and sync insights across multiple devices. Select a CRM that allows you to access actionable insights from anywhere, at speed.

How does a CRM for retail work?

Selecting the best CRM in retail will help your business organize orders, attract your target audience and communicate effectively to establish loyalty and generate glowing customer referrals. A good retail CRM system will help you and your team:

  • Simplify order processing and ship products more efficiently
  • Manage inventory, identify hot products and tweak orders and promotions appropriately
  • Record customer orders and suggest similar products to increase sales
  • Store customer communications and offer assistance based on historical data
  • Integrate with email, live chat, social media and messaging services to widen sales opportunities
  • Automate and distribute receipts to customers and your business to keep tabs on sales performance
  • Track performance across the board and highlight where your operations could improve

How to set up your retail CRM software

  • 1. Use custom fields to segment your target audience
  • 2. Supervise your operations with dashboards
  • 3. Import touchpoints and forms to your retail CRM
  • 4. Automatically follow up with similar products

Make your retail operations more efficient with integrations

Carefully selected Pipedrive integrations will enhance your retail business’ output and further digitize your operations.

Here are some integrations your retail business can benefit from:


Providing a stellar shopping experience is critical to retail success. Connect live messenger apps to your CRM and turn conversations into conversions with Pipedrive and Charles.

Integrate Pipedrive and Charles to level up your customer communication.

Dealbot for Slack

Every stakeholder in your retail business needs to be aligned. Update your employees and managers on important operations with Slack.

Simplify communication with Pipedrive’s Slack integration.


Your retail business relies on cash flow to function. Trigger quotes and invoices to be sent automatically when deals reach the right stage.

Make accounting a breeze with Pipedrive and Paycove.


Your employees need to be aware of individual product and service performances. Harness Asana to illustrate how new promotions and deals are selling in your retail business.

Optimize your sales with the Pipedrive and Asana integration.


Email marketing is a powerful way to follow up with existing customers. Send personalized emails based on consumer segments to retain customers and drive sales.

Discover Pipedrive’s Mailchimp integration.


Connect thousands of everyday apps with your CRM. Import customer data, post multi-channel product listings and fulfill orders with Zapier’s automation functions.

Connect your apps with Pipedrive’s Zapier integration.

Spend less time on admin and more time closing deals!