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The best CRM for salespeople

Engage leads across various channels, organize important tasks and streamline in-house communication. Pipedrive’s CRM for sales teams helps reps overcome the high-pressure challenges of sales activities and reach goals.

What do salespeople need from a CRM?

Sales CRM (customer relationship management) software enables you to supercharge your lead generation and deal nurturing efforts. Automate admin, centralize critical data in the cloud and spot sales opportunities from one platform.

Are you a sales manager? Learn how to drive performance with a CRM for sales managers.

Visualize sales pipelines

The clearer your sales activities are, the better equipped you will be. Prioritize important leads, identify holes in your sales processes and never miss an opportunity with an aerial overview of your entire operation.

Work towards targets

Reliable, predictive sales forecasting is key to making informed daily decisions. Know when to walk away from a deal that’s unlikely to close so you can focus on the ones that will help you reach your targets.

Unify communication data

Healthy customer relationships are key to driving sales. A CRM imports communication history from social media, landing pages and web forms, empowering sales reps to engage leads with trusted data.

Simplify contact management

Tailor the perfect pitch with segmented contacts. Use characteristics such as buyer behavior and purchase history to build customer profiles and schedule tailored communications.

Enhance workflows

Delegate tedious admin to powerful automation processes. Get assigned sales activities, schedule real-time meetings and automate lead progression through your sales pipeline with a CRM platform.

Access critical analytics

Granular reporting is crucial to measuring your outreach efforts. Monitor metrics such as call volume, case-times, upsell rates and revenue-per-call with a sales CRM solution.

How Pipedrive helps salespeople prioritize during a busy sales cycle

From small businesses to enterprises, sales representatives are constantly processing inbound information. A robust CRM system can help you organize incoming raw data and take appropriate action.

Whether you’re looking to devise new sales strategies, expand your outreach efforts or audit your sales performance, Pipedrive’s CRM software helps you preserve your most valuable resources—time and energy.

Manage leads with ease

If your data is scattered across departments and systems, it’s a mammoth task to design a well-informed sales strategy.

The best CRM for sales teams creates a hub of prospect and customer information. Import touchpoints, preferences and communication history across departments and get up to speed rapidly when revisiting cold leads.

Round up lead data with Pipedrive

Reveal winning patterns and spot holes

Use accurate and detailed data analytics to build upon your wins and fill the gaps in your strategy.

Study metrics like sales cycle duration, win rates and outreach engagement to determine what worked and what could be improved. Sales managers can set individual and team goals, measure against results and collect succinct performance insights.

Continuously improve with Pipedrive’s detailed analytics

Automate workflows with AI

Delegate manual data entry, like updating records, to artificial intelligence and spend more time converting leads into customers.

Pipedrive automates mundane admin, updates deal stages and notifies team members when it’s their time for action.

Discover how Pipedrive automates your workflows

Provide a next-level customer experience

Nurturing existing customers is critical to retention efforts and revenue targets.

Use Pipedrive’s CRM system to organize lead segments by location, buyer behavior, touchpoints and communication history. Deploy tailored sales strategies and send personalized emails to retarget customers with future offers.

Nurture customers with Pipedrive

Make sales from anywhere

Access centralized data on the go with Pipedrive’s Android and iOS mobile apps.

Get a summary of your daily tasks, see high-priority notifications and update deals from any device. Send calls to your mobile and connect with popular integrations to send documents, like proposals and presentations.

Stay connected with Pipedrive

What salespeople can achieve with a flexible CRM solution

With Pipedrive’s CRM for sales teams, you’re able to focus more time on the crucial relationship-building activities that lead to closed deals.

  • Build intuitive, visual pipelines for all your workflows, communications and outreach efforts
  • Attract leads and convert them into recurring buyers with personalized communication
  • Capture lead information across various touchpoints and unify in a central location
  • Track and log outreach efforts across all channels, including social media, so you know what’s working and what’s not
  • Respond to common objections with attached notes and script templates
  • Create buyer personas using behavior, preferences and touchpoint history
  • Centralize documents, account history and product information into one accessible hub
  • Stay compliant by storing valuable company and client data safely in the cloud
  • Create shareable, focused reports with detailed analytics and insights
  • Devise next-level strategies fueled by individual metrics

How PropriLib streamlined their pipeline management with Pipedrive

Real estate agency PropriLib was overwhelmed with documents. Contracts, communication history and photos were clogging up their sales pipeline.

Company founder Stanislas moved the team from Salesforce to Pipedrive for a more intuitive solution. PropriLib now integrates Pipedrive with Slack automations to save their sales agents’ valuable time.

“Even without Slack, Pipedrive is a good way to automate tasks. Little by little we gain time on the sales cycle.”

Read the case study

How to use your CRM to improve teamwork and make data-driven decisions

Integrate with your sales tech stack

Enhance your workflows with the best CRM for salespeople. Pair Pipedrive with essential communication, data and lead management tools for a truly optimized in-house operation.

Here are some essential integrations for salespeople:


Use powerful live chat functionality to capture and convert leads. Intercom’s chatbots automatically create deals in Pipedrive and transfer conversation history into your CRM.

Engage and convert seamlessly with Intercom.


Manually sourcing and nurturing new leads can be draining. Use Web Forms, Live Chat and Chatbots to attract and automatically engage prospects across your channels.

Nurture leads to conversion with Pipedrive and LeadBooster.

Dear Lucy

Visualize sales performance and establish goals. Dear Lucy generates critical sales metrics, pipeline management and revenue forecasting straight out of the box.

Revamp your sales processes with Dear Lucy.


Humanize your outreach efforts with personalized images and videos from lemlist. Automate emails and feed them into your workflows.

Kickstart client relationships with lemlist and Pipedrive.


Unify your data tracking apps into one platform. Locate lead and customer information with ease to eliminate tab switching and endless searching.

Easily supervise your customer database with Pipedrive and Glances.


Unite marketing with sales, and sell smarter. Connect your CRM with engagement from your website, LinkedIn and more, empowering sales teams to strike while the iron is hot.

Never miss a sale with Outfunnel.

Make the most of your time with the right CRM!